Friday, December 31, 2004

2004 Wrap-up

In this past year I:

  • Wrote and defended a thesis
  • Graduated from college
  • Moved (back) to California
  • Landed my first real 9-to-5 job (more like 7-to-4, but whatever)
  • Learned how to make bread from scratch
  • Started running on a regular basis, and continue to keep up with it

  • Well, those are the highlights. I'm sure I'll think of more that I'll add later. Overall, 2004 was a pretty good year. Yeah, there was the crushing disappointment of the election in November and other miscellaneous badness, but I'm pretty happy with where my life is going right now, so that's good at least.

    Tonight we're having a few friends over to ring in the New Year, so that'll be fun. Hope everyone has a safe, enjoyable night, and an excellent start to 2005!

    Monday, December 27, 2004

    Catbloggin' on a rainy evening

    Well, Christmas has come and gone. We had a nice quiet day, with a tasty dinner of homemade calzones and lots (and lots) of Xbox playing. Yesterday was spent idling further, and today I got to sleep in and bask in the fact that I had yet another day off from work. It was overcast for most of the day, and then a couple of hours ago it started raining. Tom read that there's a chance of thunderstorms tomorrow and Wednesday, so that would be neat.

    Other than that, not a lot to report really. Back to work tomorrow for a couple of days.

    Swipe! Caught the toy.

    Thursday, December 23, 2004

    2 More Hours...

    ...and then I'm free! Been a pretty good 4-day week. I went to Simi after work yesterday to visit Grandpa & Grandma LeGrow. I hung out for a couple of hours; it was a nice visit. :) Today I'm headed to Gram Gram & Matt's on my way home.

    We just had our big company christmas lunch about an hour ago. Styrofoam boxed meals were set out on tables in one of the conference rooms upstairs, all smelling suspiciously of barbeque. I had been assured yesterday that there'd be something I could eat (vegetarian and all), but it didn't appear to be the case. Ah well. In with the bbq-ed ribs and chicken was an ear of corn (mostly untainted by rib juice) and a cup of potato salad, so I started in on the corn and figured I'd catch another snack later. Then the veg meals arrived! So I got another boxed lunch, this one with a veggie burger & salad in place of the ribs and chicken, which I happily ate. I gave away my remaining meatstuffs to one of the guys in the lab (really tall guy, eats a lot whenever we go to lunch, had finished his food and was still starving...hehe). After the feasting, I caught a 10 minute nap in my office. Aaaaah, that's the life.

    All right, back to work. More soon.

    Sunday, December 19, 2004

    I wore shorts today

    I went down to Yaya's this afternoon to help her with her scanner and eat a huge lunch. It was a fine lunch, and we had this amazing cookie ice cream sandwich thing for dessert. I wore shorts and drove with the windows down. And it's December 19th. Bwa ha ha!

    Got 4 days of work this week...that's good. And then it's Christmas. :) Also good. All right, time to get some sleep. More on the morrow.

    Thursday, December 16, 2004

    Running Trials

    For the first time in my life, I've managed to stick to a regimen of going jogging on a regular basis. I started up in August and have done a pretty darn good job of making sure I run a few times a week. The first time I went, I looked at mapquest to try and figure out how far it was from one street to the next, so I could get a general idea of how far I was running. Using this calculation, I gradually added on to my route so I was going farther and farther, most recently building up to 3 miles once or twice a week. Or so I thought.

    About a month ago I started noticing that some quarter miles seemed shorter than others. I put off double-checking my distance because I really didn't want to know if I wasn't running as far as I'd previously thought. It's nice for the ego to think you're running 3 miles. However, I finally decided today that it was better to lift the veil of ignorance; that way, I could amend my route so I would actually be running as far as I thought I'd been. So that's what I did today. And I was right. My "3-mile" loop is actually a little less than 2 1/2. Bah.

    I devised a new loop that actually is 2 miles long...for sure. Might actually be a little bit longer, but definitely no less than 2. I ran that tonight and was averaging about 2 minutes more per mile than I'd previously been managing, which really isn't all that bad. Thirty seconds more per quarter mile, which isn't much on its own, but adds up of course.

    So now I'm just going to stick to this two-miles-for-sure loop and try to get my time back down to where it was before. I'm optimistic that I'll be able to pull it off without too much trouble. :)

    Long Week

    This has been a really long week, and I'm ready for it to be over. Monday seemed to go by pretty quickly, but every day since then has been draggy. Tuesday after work I braved the shopping crowds in order to procure Xmas presents. All in all, it was a rather successful venture. I've only got a few more things to wrangle up, which isn't bad considering Xmas is still 9 days away. Doing better than usual, I am. ;)

    I just finished posting more of Dad's pics to the gallery, so hop on over there and check them out. He's got a new assignment as a BTWW (Behind the Wire Weasel); this means he works nights on the base and doesn't have to drive hither and yon! Needless to say, I'm pretty thrilled by this new arrangement. Hope it works out well for him.

    All right, that's all I've got for now. Time to get back to work, anyway. (yawn) Ta for now.

    Monday, December 13, 2004

    Crazy Fog

    Crazy weather driving in to work this morning. Started out in Pasadena, just generally gray, looked like if the clouds didn't burn off maybe it'd rain later. Got to the freeway, boom, clear as can be. Drove along the 210, la la la, looking at the clear blue sky. Got over the little clump of hills about 10 min from work, and it looked like someone had stretched the world's biggest cotton ball across the freeway. I mean, I could still see the blue sky and mountains above the fog bank, and there was a clear delineation where the fog started. Driving through it, it was like the freeway had these giant white walls on either side. I could see a little ways in front of me, but nothing at all to either side of the road. Eventually, the road itself cleared up, so I could see quite a ways straight ahead of me and directly up overhead (like there was a high white ceiling over the road), but still not more than 1/4 mile off to either side. Then, 2 exits from where I get off the freeway for work, boom, clear as can be again. And then a couple of blocks from work, socked-in fog again! Looking out the front windows of the building I can barely see across the street. Go figure. Got us some wacky weather in this here valley. these here valleys.

    Thursday, December 09, 2004

    New Photos Uploaded

    So I added a few more photos to dad's gallery. There's a new one in the On the Road album and two new ones in the The Man Himself album. Check 'em out!

    Some observations

    Man oh man, does Pasadena ever take that Rose Parade seriously. Yes, yes, I know it's undoubtedly a huge source of revenue for the city (that and the bowl game) but here we are, not even in the double digits of December, and there are already bleachers going up at the side of Colorado Blvd. Now that's what I call being prepared well in advance. I'm very glad I won't have to go to work for a couple of days before New Year's, so in theory I won't have to be driving around and dealing with all the congestion. Should be interesting, though hideously crowded.

    This morning when I got out of bed, there was fog settled all the way down to the streets. It had mostly cleared in the time it took me to get ready to leave, but it was still all gray and sort of wintry. Not so cold the past couple of days, though. I heard a rumor it was supposed to get to 80 degrees again this weekend. I can hardly imagine it.
    Update: It's now completely clear and sunny out, right about 70 degrees. Amazing.

    Dad sent me a few more pictures this morning to add to the photo gallery. I'll be doing that in a little while. For now, just going to relax and enjoy the rest of my lunchtime...well, enjoy the silence that accompanies the lack of people coming in to harrass me about tests I haven't performed on materials I haven't been given yet. (It's been one of those mornings.) Ta for now.

    Monday, December 06, 2004

    'Nother one bites the dust

    Lost another person from our lab today. Found a better job on the other side of the country, gave all of 2 or 3 hours notice, high-tailed it before the end of the workday. Pretty crazy.


    Slept too late Sunday morning and thus had a heck of a time falling asleep last night. No great surprise I'm pretty tired today. One neat thing; saw on my drive in this morning that Mt. Wilson is all snow-dusted after yesterday's rains. Quite pretty. (Update: And foggy!) All right, back to the grind.

    Sunday, December 05, 2004

    Rainy Day

    It's been drizzling pretty much all day today, which has been nice. I didn't have to go in to work at all this weekend, much to my delight. As a result, the past two days consisted primarily of lounging around the house, bit of reading, bit of cleaning...the usual weekend fare, really. Tonight we'll be watching Patton Oswalt's new hour-long comedy special on Comedy Central; should be entertaining!

    Thursday, December 02, 2004

    Yeesh, Thursday already?

    Even though the individual days have been dragging this week (yesterday especially!) the week as a whole seems to be zooming by. In spite of the nip in the air, I can't believe it's already December. Not a lot to report for this week. Tom's birthday present finally arrived on Tuesday...seasons 1-3 of The West Wing! We watched the pilot episode Tuesday night; I'd never seen that ep. TWW really is such a great show. Last night for dinner I made pasta with a fresh tomato and garlic (and garlic, and garlic) sauce. Basically, the sauce consisted of smashed-up tomatoes and garlic cloves, stirred around in some olive oil, with salt, pepper, oregano, and parmesean tossed in. It was quite tasty - especially when the bowl of pasta was topped with a few chunks of goat cheese - but for future reference, I think I'll be smashing up the garlic and then cutting it into smaller pieces. Accidentally shoving half a smashed clove in my mouth with a bite of pasta has left something of a lasting impression on my breath. ;) Ah well, live and learn.

    Monday, November 29, 2004


    Ah, how nice it was to sleep until 9:30 every day over the long weekend. Fortunately, I didn't have too rough a time falling asleep last night, so the 6am rising time wasn't completely unbearable. I gave Tom one of his birthday presents (the other should finally be arriving today...stupid UPS) and headed to work. It was really windy yesterday, so there were palm fronds down all over the street. And it's cold out today! Actually, it was probably about 45 degrees when I was walking to my car and likely closer to 60 now, but I've been inside all morning; I'm turning into a wimp. Oh well, comes with the territory, I suppose. Happy birthday to Tom, and happy Monday to everyone else.

    Sunday, November 28, 2004

    A Disney coupla days

    Yesterday was, of course, the Disneyland trip. For as long as I can remember, we've always gotten up at the crack of dawn to be at the gates of the park as early as possible. This time, I slept until I woke up, got down there around 11:30, and just enjoyed the day with my family.

    Disneyland was crowded! Holy cow. I don't remember the last time I've been there when it was that packed. The rides kept shutting down temporarily (we got all the way to the front of the Indiana Jones line and got turned back...luckily, we'd only been in the Fast Pass line, and eventually made it on the ride later), Amy got run over by a stroller in the mob exiting the park after the fireworks, and we had to search high and low for food after 10pm, but on balance, a fine time was had by all.


    We had park hopper passes, so we spent the day ambling back and forth between D-land and California Adventure. C.A. was a little less crowded - not by much, but it was enough to offer a brief respite from the throngs across the way. Right after I arrived, Mom, Aunt Teresa & I went on the Tower of Terror. It was really cool! The elevator car is pulled downward, so when you fall, you actually do so faster than the speed of gravity. Also, the car is raised and dropped several times during the ride, and frequently in pitch black, so it's not just a straightforward sort of up-and-down ride. Very cool, lots of fun.

    Highlight of the day: I convinced Amy to ride the California Screamin' roller coaster. And she enjoyed it! I'm way proud of my little sis.

    You can check out the rest of the photos from the day here. Now, after an excellent (and very full...we were there til the park closed at midnight) day, I was of course exceedingly pleased that I still have two days off. Today I lazed around for most of the morning, all of the afternoon, and a bit of the evening. Around 7, I finally changed out of pajamas, and Tom & I headed out for dinner and a movie. Tasty Thai food, and then off to see The Incredibles. Highly entertaining flick. I would definitely recommend it to one and all. Tomorrow, I anticipate more of the same. Some cleaning, some lazing, generally enjoying the last day of this brief vacation. Hope everyone else has had as fine a weekend as I have!

    Friday, November 26, 2004

    Goin' to Disneyland!

    Wow, what a day yesterday. Upon arriving at Yaya's, I was surprised and thrilled to find that Mom and Amy had flown down for the long weekend! It was really really really good to see them. Between stuffing our faces and rolling with laughter (typical family gathering behavior in our clan) we made plans to go with Aunt Teresa & cousins to Disneyland today. So that's where I'm headed in about 20 minutes. Poor Tom has to work :( and won't be coming with, but I'll enjoy hanging with my mom and sis for the day.

    Thursday, November 25, 2004

    Turkey Day

    Happy Thanksgiving, all! More when Tom & I return from all the celebrating and eating that's about to go down at Yaya's.

    Monday, November 22, 2004

    5 Months

    Just occurred to me that I moved down here 5 months ago, today. Wow. Time certainly does fly when you're out of school and working full-time...oh yeah, and having fun. ;)

    Rain, sleep, movies, food

    Man, the end of last week went by fast. Friday I was all set to come in over the weekend, but 15 minutes before it was time to go, I got the grand news that I didn't have to come in after all! Yippeeeeeeeeeeee. So after work Friday I went home and ran 3 miles. My feet were sore after that.

    Tom and I rented Mean Girls and watched it. Rather an entertaining flick, for a teen movie. Helps that Tina Fey (of SNL) wrote and directed it; she's pretty clever, so there was a lot less of the dumb humor that you'd find in other movies of that genre.

    Saturday I slept until almost ten! Very excellent. We went on a cleaning binge, so the apartment is very nice right now. We watched OSU beat Oregon in the Civil War (go beavs) and then went out to get stuff for dinner. We noticed the last time we were in Trader Joe's that they sell little sacks of pizza dough, so we bought a few bags of that and headed home to make pizzas and breadsticks. While we were in the kitchen working on dinner, we noticed that it had started raining outside. Excuse me. Pouring. From the time we noticed the rain to the time I walked into the living room to close the window, the floor around the window was soaked! The rain was coming down sideways, and we even got some thunder & lightning. The pizzas, meanwhile, never really cooked all the way through, so they were pretty doughy and heavy. Still tasty, though (I thought).

    Sunday, slept in again (ahhhhh), did laundry, basically lounged about for most of the day. It got really windy for a while, and it was actually rather chilly out. All in all, a good weekend, and I've got a short week and a nice looooooooong weekend to look forward to. Horray! Work's going all right. I've been pretty busy for about a month straight now, but supposedly it'll slow down again in a couple of months. We'll see. All right, gonna see if I can snag a 15 minute nap before lunch is over. Hasta!

    Tuesday, November 16, 2004

    Busy Sue

    Let's see, last update was Thursday, hmm? What's been going on since then?

    Well, I added more photos to the gallery, for one. I've still got a ways to go, but I started uploading my photos from the UK, and I posted another album of pics from Dad. Otherwise, nothing spectacularly interesting going on. Saturday after work I drove out to Westlake to see if I could dig up any info about a horse for a friend. It was a little equestrian espionage, so to speak. Took some pictures, tried to gather intel, generally enjoyed the afternoon. It was weird to drive out that way; I kept seeing things along the freeway that sparked some major deja vous, things I hadn't seen since I was a wee one.

    Saturday night Tom and I went to Tom's friend Paul's house for a party. There was quite an eclectic group of folks there; a lot of Tech-ers, some friends of Paul's from Canada, and some people from USC (most of whom were liberal arts grad students in some field or other, which made for interesting conversation among a bunch of science nerds).

    Sunday morning I slept too late and was thus pretty groggy most of the day. I did laundry but not much else. Yesterday was work as usual. Agnes(roommate)'s grandma had surgery yesterday, and since it was successful, Agnes took Tom & me out for dinner to celebrate. We went to Hamburger Hamlet, stuffed our bellies, and rolled the 3 1/2 blocks home. And now it's time for work again.

    See, so you really didn't miss anything interesting by my not posting for a few days. ;) Hehe. Ah well, perhaps I'll think of something noteworthy to say later today.

    Thursday, November 11, 2004

    Great Migration

    The Great Web Content Migration of 2004 has begun. By that I mean that I'm finally setting up residence at Currently there are just a few links posted...nothing new, really. But it's a start.

    Must get back to work now. More later.

    Tuesday, November 09, 2004

    Nice weekend, weird dreams

    Having Sunday off when I didn't expect it was a rather pleasant surprise. I guess all this early rising six or so days a week has its advantages; Sunday morning I slept until I could sleep no more, and when I finally sat up and looked at the clock, it was only 8:30. I felt well-rested and I still had practically the whole day ahead of me. Excellent.

    Yesterday actually went by pretty quickly for a Monday. No complaints, here. One of the guys in my lab handed in his letter of resignation. Can't say I blame him; he drives in every day from El Segundo up the 405 (yuck) and managed to find a job that's within walking distance of his house, so that's obviously a much sweeter deal for him.

    After work I got home to find another notice taped to the front door of the apartment complex. This time, Judging Amy will be filming, but only for one day. I don't really watch that one, but Tom said he's seen them film in town here a couple of times before. He said they transformed entire city blocks to do their shooting, which I would think must be pretty complicated for a one-day shoot. I can't imagine they'll do much to the school across the way when they film this time, but who knows? Could be interesting.

    Last night I had a weird dream that there was a news report claiming Yasser Arafat's "mysterious illness" had been caused by eating too many red onions. Since he'd been in the hospital and the onions had had a chance to work their way out of his system, he'd managed to recover completely. It was a weird dream.

    All right, time for work. Check out the photo gallery if you haven't already. I'm working on organizing all my pictures from England so I can put those up soon, too. There are also a lot that I took in London and never scanned, so hopefully this weekend I'll get a chance to do that and put them up, too.

    Saturday, November 06, 2004


    Just found out I don't have to come in tomorrow, after all. Now I'll get a chance to sleep in at least one day this weekend. :)

    Friday, November 05, 2004


    Friday just became Wednesday. Stupid stupid non-weekends. :P

    New Photo Gallery

    So I finally got the new photo gallery all set up. I only have Dad's pictures up there so far, but it's a start! Go check it out here.

    Wednesday, November 03, 2004


    weep weep...

    Monday, November 01, 2004

    Ah yes

    I nearly forgot. Tomorrow and Wednesday, an episode of Monk will be filmed at the school across the street from our apartment! Pretty cool. We (Tom, Max, Agnes and I) watch the show on occasion; it's rather entertaining. The notice posted downstairs claims they're filming from 5 am - midnight both days...yikes! That's quite the schedule.

    Update: I saw Tony Shaloub this evening when I was out for my run. He was wandering around on the sidewalk across the street from me, talking on his cell phone. ;)

    Busy few days

    All right. Quite a bit to catch up on, so here goes.

    In April or May, I sent in an application to the City of Los Angeles for one of their Criminalist positions. Basically, the deal is that you send in your application and they send you back a notice telling you when to come in and take the proficiency exam. You pass the exam with 70%, you get put on the eligible list. If a position opens up, they start picking people from the eligible list to come in and interview. Now, when I sent in my application, I was still living in Corvallis. Time went by, I moved down here, never heard anything back from them; I assumed my application had been lost in the shuffle or that I hadn't completed some section or other and that I wouldn't be hearing from them at all. No matter - I managed to land my current job, and I'm all on track to start back to school next fall.

    Cut to Thursday (which was Gram Gram's birthday...happy birthday Gram Gram!). I got home from work to find a letter from the City of L.A. amongst my pile of mail. It had bounced to Oregon and back (had the little forwarding address sticker on it); I assumed it was one of those "sorry, you don't qualify" letters. Geez, nice of them to tell me six months after the fact! But I was wrong. Imagine my surprise when I read the letter.
    You are scheduled to take the Criminalist written exam Saturday, October 30, 2004, at 8:00 am.
    Um, what? I finally hear back from these people two days before I'm supposed to go take this test?! There were some rough guidelines on the Personnel Dept webpage suggesting areas that might be covered on the examination, but no further details were offered. I figured I didn't really have anything to lose by taking the test; if I didn't pass it, it wouldn't really change anything. I'd still have my job here and my plans for school, so no big deal. And if I did pass...well, that would just be way too cool. So I decided to treat it like a practice test and go with the flow. I got in touch with Jasmine (wife of cousin Chris), who had taken a similar exam for Washington state a while back. She gave me some more pointers on what to study, which was very helpful of her. I spent Thursday and Friday after work with my nose in various books, and by Saturday morning, I was as ready as I was going to be.

    Saturday morning. I got up at the same ol' time as a normal work day (so much for sleeping in on my first Saturday off in a while!) and headed out to East L.A. I found the testing place with little trouble, managed to find a 10-hour meter, and got ready to head inside. Reached for my calculator on the passenger's seat...reached for my...oh great. Wouldn't be a "normal" experience for me if I didn't forget something as critical to solving math problems as a freaking calculator. And it was all set out with the rest of my stuff that morning, too! Gaw....go figure.

    It was still very early (right around 7:15) so I decided I would try to find a grocery store or Target or something. Ha. No such luck in industrial East L.A. I ended up in China Town before deciding I had better head back before I got myself completely'd be much worse if I couldn't even take the test at all than if I just had to take it calculator-less. So, back I trudged, cursing myself for not realizing I didn't have it in my hand when I left the house.

    The test itself went all right, in spite of everything. There weren't any problems I couldn't do on paper (I had feared trig problems...sine, cosine, that sort of thing), but it would definitely have been nice to re-check my answers. Ah well. There were a lot more general chemistry sort of calculations than I anticipated; I'd say they made up a good 60% of the total questions, which was a little annoying. Titration equations, dilution equations, etc...they're things I know how to do but I'm no longer all that practiced in them. But at any rate, at least I got a good idea as to what's on the test, so if I do have to take it again in a year or two, I'll know what to expect! Hopefully also, I'll have more preparation time, since my testing notice won't have to bounce to OR and back. ;)

    So that was a good chunk of Saturday (4 hour test). The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing, with a little bit of cleaning/laundering thrown in. Last night we got a grand total of 5 trick-or-treaters, all in one little group. Ah well...more candy for us! The time change meant it was actually light out when I drove to work this morning; that was kind of cool, I guess. I'll probably be less amused when it starts getting dark as I'm on the way home. All right, I think I'm all caught up, now. Hope everyone has a good week!

    Wednesday, October 27, 2004

    Website coolness

    So last night I registered the domain and found a pretty sweet deal on some place to host it. While it's not live yet, what this means is that eventually I'll be (slowly) migrating my old webpage to; Dad's page will eventually be, etc. So that's cool. I'm looking forward to being able to set up photo galleries like Caryn and Vlad have. Should be a fun project, I think.

    What else? Felt kind of cruddy on Sunday and Monday (bit of a head cold), but I started feeling a little better yesterday and I'm doing all right so far today. Got some more rain yesterday; not a whole lot of fun to drive through, with all the crazies on these freeways, but I rather enjoyed lying in bed and hearing it pour down on the roof. Other than that, not much new to report.

    Saturday, October 23, 2004

    Weekend? What weekend?

    Stuck working today and tomorrow. Blech. Overtime is all well and good, but I think I'd rather have the sleep. Definitely going to be taking a nap this afternoon when I get home.

    Wrong number...wrong number!

    Everybody gets phone calls from people who are trying to call someone else. However, twice now I have been called by girls looking for someone they caught their boyfriends cheating with. Early September was the first call. This one started out relatively calm. I'll refer to her as Girl-1.

    "Hello, Caitlin? This is Girl-1 from the drama club."
    "Sorry, wrong number."
    "Oh, ok."

    (15 seconds later)

    "Hi, Caitlin? This is Girl-1. I'm in the drama club with you."
    "Yeah, this really isn't Caitlin's number. She must have changed it."
    "Oh, you know Caitlin?"
    " just said her name the last time you called and I remembered."

    At this point she lost it. Completely broke down, sobbing, telling me all about how her boyfriend had dumped her after she'd found out he was sleeping with this Caitlin girl and how she had no one to talk to about it, no parents, no friends. I was pretty much at a loss as to what to tell her, but I did my best to calm her down, tell her the guy was a jerk and didn't deserve her, whatever I could think of. Eventually she was a bit better and hung up.

    Then last night, my phone rang again and I thought I vaguely recognized the area code as being the same as the one from the previous caller. Wasn't sure though, so I went ahead and answered. This time it was a different girl, who was completely hysterical. I could hardly understand her except for the occasional "How can you be sleeping with him, you bitch?!" I kept trying to tell her she had the wrong number but she wouldn't believe me! "Bullshit! I know it's you! Bitch!" At some point I handed Tom the phone so he could hear what was going on, and of course when he also tried to explain she had the wrong number, she thought he was the cheating boyfriend. Eventually there was nothing to be done but to just hang up on her. I felt pretty bad about the whole thing though and called her back on Tom's phone, figuring the number would come up on her caller ID and she could see it wasn't something she recognized. Yeah, not so much. I told her my name, which really confused her.

    "Susan?! No, Cindy! This is supposed to be Cindy!"
    "Yeah, well it's not. You really did have the wrong number, ok?"
    (incoherent screeching)
    "I can't understand anything you're saying."
    "(incoherent) bitch!"

    After this whole debacle, I went back and checked my phone records from the previous call. Indeed, the area code was the same, but the numbers were different. So I've come to the conclusion that some high school ho-bag is apparently sleeping her way around town, giving out fake names and my number, and I'm bearing the repercussions of her actions. Either that or the "You're sleeping with my boyfriend!" prank call is all the rage now. In any case, it's really pretty unnerving to have unfounded accusations flung at you, especially something of that nature. Anyway, just figured I'd comment on that, since I thought it was a pretty remarkable coincidence for the same thing to happen to me twice, with calls originating in the same geographical area, within a little over a month of each other.

    Wednesday, October 20, 2004

    More rain and stuff

    Been raining fairly steadily here since Saturday night, though by some amazing stroke of luck, my jogging times the last 2 days have managed to coincide with brief rain respites; I've mostly been getting dripped on by trees, which is good, because while I'm loving running in the cooler weather (you were right, Tom, and I was wrong), I'm also glad to not be completely drenched upon returning home. I've upped my distance to 2 miles a day (sometimes a little more), so that's pretty cool, I think. Go me.

    Sunday and Monday nights, the long-awaited Farscape miniseries aired on the SciFi Channel. I never did see what happened at the end of the 4th season, but that's probably a good thing, because the cliff-hanger was such that I would have been even more upset about the show's cancellation than I already was. Whoo-boy, what a doozy. Anyway, the miniseries did not disappoint (aside from a few laughably awful CGI sequences), so yippee. Go Farscape creators. Tonight marks the return of The West Wing, so I'm excited about that. It's a good show.

    All right, lunch time is over, so it's back to work for me. Oh, and speaking of work, I started my job 3 months ago today. Some days it seems like I've been here forever, and others it feels like I've just begun. Anyway, hope everyone's having a good week.

    Sunday, October 17, 2004

    It's raining, it's pouring...huzzah!

    I got up this morning at my usual 6am to go to work, and there were clouds in the sky. Real clouds. None of this overcast, fog-accumulation-from-the-ocean crap. All day long it was nice and cool and cloudy, and I was loving it. I know, I know, if I were still in the Willamette Valley I'd be cursing the rain by now. Funny what you miss, I guess. Anyway, the sky was blue again by mid-afternoon, much to my dismay. Tonight, when Tom and I went to go see Team America: World Police (so bad, yet so very funny), it started raining outside during the movie. Upon leaving the theater, we were treated to a nice walk home through the rain. Excellent! The meteorologists claim we might even get some thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow. I hope they're right; that would be great.

    That's my exciting news. Looking forward to an actual day off tomorrow.

    Thursday, October 14, 2004

    Fun with clocks

    Yesterday we had a power outage, so most of the clocks were blinking when I got home from work. Before going to bed, I noticed that Tom had accidentally reset the bedside clock to 11 AM instead of PM; I was glad I'd caught that since the alarm was still set for 6AM. So the alarm went off this morning. I got up, dressed, had breakfast, checked email, etc. I was running a little behind (or so I thought), so imagine my surprise when I actually bothered to pay attention to the time on the cable box, which proclaimed the hour to be 5:32...not 6:32. I did a hasty double-check of all the other battery-operated time telling devices (my watch, cell phone, computer), all of which confirmed that the hour was indeed earlier than I thought. No wonder it hadn't been getting all that light out yet (I'd figured it was just cloudy). Turns out we went to bed at 10 last night, not 11. Well, I took the opportunity to reset the bedside clock, brush my teeth and crawl back into bed to doze for another 45 minutes. Can't say I feel that much more refreshed for it, but it was sure nice to be able to go back to bed instead of having to rush out the door. When the alarm went off again, I was able to just roll out of bed, rid myself of accumulated cat hair, and go. I even got to work early.

    Monday, October 11, 2004

    Some kind of title

    Saturday after my half-day of work, I met Gram Gram for lunch in Burbank. We had a fine meal at Chevy's and got a chance to catch up a bit. It was a very nice visit. :) We met up at Barnes & Noble, and since I got there a bit early, I went in and bought America (The Book), which was written by Jon Stewart and the folks of The Daily Show. It's a history "textbook" and is absolutely hilarious.

    On the way home from lunch, I picked up some Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Mmmmm, Krispy Kreme...I eat these about once every 6 months, so I figure I don't run any sort of heart attack risk by my occasional indulgence.

    Saturday evening (well, night really), Tom and I went with the roommates to the local comedy club to see Orny Adams. The openers were Christopher Titus (who had a short-lived sitcom on FOX) and a girl named Dana Eagle, who was very funny. Orny himself had a pretty amusing set. They're pretty enjoyable, those comedy shows.

    Sunday...yeah, I don't remember much of Sunday. I was pretty tired. I know there was some watching of football. I read a lot and dozed on the couch. I even got to bed at a reasonable hour, but I didn't sleep very soundly. I was really tired and (needless to say) very uninspired about going to work this morning.

    So now I'm sitting here watching Leo play one-man (cat) hockey with a hair band on the kitchen floor. And I mean that as in "an accessory used to restrain one's locks", not "Twisted Sister et al". Though the latter would probably be pretty funny.

    Saturday, October 09, 2004

    Quote of the Day, courtesy Fafblog

    When asked to name three mistakes he has made as president George Bush stares deeply into the eyes of his audience an recites the lyrics to "Dancing Queen."

    I love the Fafblog.

    Thursday, October 07, 2004

    Running (Wo)man

    I bumped up my run distance to 2 miles tonight. I think it's the first time I've run for long enough to get a second wind. So that's cool. I'm pretty proud of myself. :)

    I'm glad the work week is nearing its end. I still don't know for sure whether or not I'll have to work Saturday morning (I'm guessing I probably will), but it won't be such a bad thing if I do. Still not a fan of getting up early on the weekend, but what can you do?

    Okay, nothing else to say. Gonna sign off before I get more boring.

    Wednesday, October 06, 2004

    Kuwait pics and misc.

    Amy posted the first few photos from Dad at her website, so check 'em out. There will be more to come, soon.

    This week seems to be going by pretty fast, for which I'm glad. I've managed to get a fair amount of work done the last two days, which is good because last week I kept getting sidetracked by other projects and started falling behind on QC testing. (My boss has been at a seminar since Monday, so perhaps that has something to do with it.) It'd be nice if I could work uninterrupted every day, but I don't think that's the way it works. ;)

    All right, better finish getting ready and start the day.

    Sunday, October 03, 2004

    Another pleasant valley Sunday... in status symbol land. Or something. The clouds of last week lifted yesterday to yield a clear-sky weekend, though fortunately it stayed relatively cool in spite of the cloudlessness. I got to change a tire on my car yesterday. That was fun. Tom helped me out by jacking up the car while I was working on removing the offending flat, but I did the actual tire changing on my own. This may seem like a silly accomplishment, but I have often wondered, even though I know in theory what I'm supposed to do, if I'd be able to physically change a tire on my own. Well, mystery solved. I will not be helpless if in the future I should blow a tire on some remote stretch of road far from cell phone towers.

    After I got the tire patched, I drove down to Yaya's to have lunch and visit for a few hours. On the way back I called and talked to Megan, who informed me she had her baby last Sunday! Healthy boy, Weston Richard. It's weird when your best friends start procreating. All the best to her and Woody; I know they'll be excellent parents.

    Tom and I are going to try and make French bread from scratch later. Should be amusing. Beyond that, not much else to report for the day. Been sitting, reading, too lazy to even get out of my pjs. Hope everyone else is having as relaxing a weekend as I've had.

    Thursday, September 30, 2004

    Comedians of Comedy

    Last night, Tom and I went to see Patton Oswalt and several other comics perform at the El Rey downtown. The other two headliners were Maria Bamford and Brian Posehn, and there were 4 more (whose names I don't recall) who performed as well. It was hilarious. The show started around 9:15 and lasted until after midnight - a full 3 hours of nonstop laughing. My face hurt by the end of it, and I was completely worn out. Who knew comedy could be so exhausting?

    Upon entering the theater, we were informed that by attending the show, we had given our consent to appear in a documentary about the Comedians of Comedy tour. Since we got pretty fantastic seats (the El Rey is small, so it would have been hard to have terrible seats, but we were 3rd row, center), there's a reasonable chance we'll actually show up on tape. So that may be amusing. All in all, it was a very fine evening, and we decided we'd definitely have to attend more events like that one.

    This week has been a busy one, as far as work goes; I'm glad it's nearly over (provided I don't have to come in on Saturday again...keeping my fingers crossed). The weather the last few days has been most excellent, almost as if So. Cal. decided to have a real fall season this year instead of jumping straight from summer to winter. The sky was cloudy all day yesterday, threatening rain but never delivering, and so far today it's been the same. The cooler weather is definitely better for running in; I managed a mile and a half yesterday, which is pretty darn good for me. Certainly the farthest I've ever run at a stretch. I'm still not a fan of the activity itself, but it makes me feel like I accomplish something worthwhile every day, so that's good. I'm looking forward to watching the presidential debate tonight...hopeful and nervous at the same time. There were some pretty funny anti-Shrub jokes last night at the show (of course, with all the crazy, liberal comedians).

    All right, back to work. Happy Thursday.

    Monday, September 27, 2004


    The post-lunch narcolepsy is hitting me like a stampeding wildebeest herd. Must...stay...awake...


    It was very foggy out this morning as I was leaving for work. Down by the railroad tracks, I could barely see a block ahead of me. Then, the second I hit the freeway...crystal clear. It was very bizarre.

    I worked a half-day on Saturday again, which kind of cut into my weekend plans of sleeping in late, but I managed a fair amount of sleep yesterday. The whole weekend was a pretty lazy one, aside from a brief excursion Saturday afternoon to brave WalMart in search of shorts and a bigger blanket for our bed. Despite all of our best efforts, we could not find a regular queen-sized blanket. Apparently, WalMart only invests in dual-use items, as we were given the options of twin/full and queen/king only. Feeling a bit Goldilocks-ish, we opted to try our luck at Bed Bath and Beyond instead. In the four minutes it took us to go in, find the perfect blanket, pay and leave, we were asked by no less than 5 store employees if we were "finding everything all right." They must have been having a really slow day...either that or they were all zombie employees trying to engage us in conversation so they could get close enough to eat our brains with a spoon...or something.

    At any rate, that was about it for the weekend's excitement. Dad arrived in Kuwait yesterday after a long-ass plane ride, and I hear second-hand from Mom that things are going well thus far. So that's good. And now, if those of you who (like me) did not have to start classes again today will join me in a little celebratory dance, I'll get back to work.

    Thursday, September 23, 2004

    The San Gabriel mountains looking shadowy and pretty. Posted by Hello

    Swirly clouds above the repenthouse Posted by Hello

    Cool shot of a really tall palm tree. Posted by Hello

    Some news

    For the past couple of weeks, my dad has been in Houston, training for a new job. This job is a slightly different kind of truck driving job than he's done before. Instead of delivering auto parts throughout Washington, he's now going to be delivering supplies to military troops. In Kuwait.

    I kind of wanted to wait until it was official to say anything about it. He still had to pass all the training and physical exams before he could be selected to go. Actually, I didn't even find out about this new job until about a month ago. My parents have known it was a possibility for almost a year, but when he was called up in late August, they decided they could share the news with Amy and me.

    Yes, it was initially a shock. I was floored, I got upset, I couldn't understand why they both seemed to think this was a good idea. But my mom was patient and helped me to grasp the reasons why my dad feels this is something he has to do. Not surprisingly, most of the family thinks he's out of his mind, but I don't really see any point in fighting about a decision that's not mine to make. All I can do is be supportive and trust that he'll make it through the year all right.

    There are some bright sides, silver linings if you will. If it's absolutely horrendous, he can come home; he's not absolutely locked into being there for a year. Also, he'll be in Kuwait, not Iraq, which is a much friendlier place (as the Middle East goes, anyway). And he's got a buddy from his old job going with him, so that's good. Finally, he'll get some time off this winter to spend in England or France with my mom, which should be really awesome for both of them.

    He's been waiting for a few days now to get put on a list of the next group to fly out, and today his waiting has ended. He flies out Saturday night and the adventure will begin. He'll be detailing his adventures, when he can, here, so check it out.

    Wednesday, September 22, 2004

    Hark! Who goes there?! Posted by Hello

    Nananananananana...FlatCat! Posted by Hello

    Sunday, September 19, 2004

    Cloudy Sunday

    The weather was surprisingly mild yesterday. After I got home from my half-day at work (which was nice and productive), Tom and I watched part of the Oregon/Oklahoma game. Eventually, it was too painful to watch the Ducks get trounced, so we went for a long walk downtown. Up on Colorado Blvd, we found the street was closed off for 2 blocks for Latino Fest 2004, which was essentially a small street fair. Further wandering led us to the movie theater, where we decided to come back later in the evening to see Wimbledon. It was a cute movie; the "tennis ball-cam" shots were pretty cool. I'd put my stamp of recommendation on it.

    Today there are big puffy clouds in the sky, and it's cooled off considerably from last week's temperatures. There's a nice breeze and everything. I've been jealous of the rain and stormy weather they've been having up north, but maybe we'll get some rain of our own soon. Leo was good enough to let us sleep in this morning, but now he's been running around like a maniac. Spazzy little thing. He's at the window now, checking out the birds.

    Time to make some lunch and enjoy the rest of the day.

    Friday, September 17, 2004


    What an uninspiring Friday. I'd be glad it's at least a Friday at all, if it weren't for the fact that I have to work tomorrow...and be in at 7am! Grr. Boss waited until 10 minutes before I was due to leave today to tell me. Again, grr. But, I only have to work 4 hrs, and I'll get overtime pay. So that's a bright side, I'll concede.

    Thursday, September 16, 2004

    Time for an update

    Well, it's Thursday. The last time I posted anything was Monday. Guess it's time for me to post something. Let's see. Well, work's been busy. Yesterday I got assigned to a failure analysis project, which is about as forensic science-y as this job can get. We've had some problems showing up in some of the parts, so I get to help solve the mystery of why those problems are occurring. Should be fun to get a chance to stretch my brain a bit, I guess. As a result of this new assignment, I spent much of today learning a bit more about what goes on in the manufacturing end of things. Pretty fascinating, what all's involved with going from raw material to finished windows and jet canopies.

    Sadly that's about the most interesting news I have to share right now. Perhaps I'll do something fun this weekend and have something to report then. For now, check out the "Links of Interest" I've posted over in the right-hand margin.

    Monday, September 13, 2004

    Garden State Soundtrack

    Saturday afternoon, Tom and I went to Best Buy and got the Garden State soundtrack. I put it on my iPod last night so I could listen to it while I work. It's really very excellent. Between that and Tom being so patient and good and calming when I was leaving this morning, it's not been too bad a day thus far. My boss had a "Here, I need this done NOW!" kind of moment at one point, but for the most part, I've been managing to chug my way through all the stuff I've got to do. Now lunch time is almost over, so I'd best get back to it.

    Free to good home: one bad cat

    Anybody want a cat? He's awfully cute and generally very sweet. One disclaimer though - on occasion he will decide that he's just wide awake at 4am and, consequently, you should be, too. You can't lock him out of your room, because he'll cry at the door. You can't let him in because he'll run around and jump on things (from which he will knock other things off) and purr like a friggin lawn mower, keeping you awake for over an hour until you have no recourse but to wake up and go into work early. But not too early, because you don't have a key to the lab, so going in before anyone else gets there would be fruitless. (sigh) Tom says it's my temper that wouldn't let me go back to sleep, but I wasn't really all that worked up until I was just about to (finally!) fall asleep and the phone rang. Wrong number. Only we unplugged the phone in our room last week because Agnes was going to be calling Max really late, so in order to get the phone I had to run out to the living room. Then I didn't pick it up in time to prevent the answering machine from picking up, and the answering machine is really obscenely loud. Well, there was absolutely no going back to sleep at that point...for me. Tom's somehow managed to drift back off through all of this, which shocks the hell out of me since he usually has a terrible time falling asleep in the first place.

    So now I'm sitting here in the living room in the dark; it's 6am and the sun's not up yet. Ahh, the end of summer is nigh. Leo has the nerve (if not the balls) to sit next to me on the couch, all quiet-like...oh, wait, something's got his attention. And he's off to investigate. Ah well, I guess I won't give him away just yet. I suppose it doesn't bode well for my potential as a parent someday if I can't handle a little cat waking me up at night. Well, guess I'd better go finish getting ready for work. I guess the bright side of all this is that I'll either get to come home early or make a little extra money working overtime.

    Saturday, September 11, 2004

    Garden State and gnocchi

    Tom and I went to see Garden State tonight. Go see it. Excellent soundtrack, good story, well shot for the most part, neat characters. If you've seen Zach Braff in Scrubs, he's completely different in this movie. Wrote & directed it too, for those not "in the know." Amy, I'm talking to you ;)

    So I bought a bunch of potatoes yesterday so I could twice-bake them for dinner. They were tasty, and tonight I thought (since the 'taters are about all we have in the house right now) I'd try making gnocchi from scratch. It was actually a lot easier than I would have thought. I read the recipe just for the heck of it, and then noticed it was a fairly manageable undertaking. I oversalted the water, so they were really salty, but otherwise they came out great. I made a ton of dough though, so there's more in the fridge for another time. Made potato skins out of the leftover hulls...mmmmmm. All in all, a nice starch-fest around here the past couple of days.

    In other news, it is Friday! I am glad to have a couple of days wherein I don't have to think about the deadlines I'm scrambling to make or the piles of materials that I'm getting behind on testing because of all the extra projects my supervisor and his cronies keep tossing my way. Bleh. Money's good to have though, and as I told Mom the other day, the job is still less stressful than school. Speaking of which, I found out that National University is going to start offering the Masters of Forensic Science program at the Los Angeles campus in April. This is a good thing, because I am accepted to NU (currently deferring admission while I gather funds and take a break from schooling), but until now they only offered the program at the San Diego campus. That would have been a bitch of a commute, so I was looking into going to Cal State L.A. instead, even though I'm not as keen on the program there. But I'd have to apply, and it's not a sure thing that I'd get in, etc. etc., so it's really just a good thing all around that I'll now have the option of being able to start school again sometime mid- to late-2005 instead of maaaaaaybe starting Sep. '06 if I got accepted to CSLA in the first place. Okay, that was a bit of a ramble, but the point is that I'm happy about this new tidbit of information. I can still wait til 9/06 to go back to school if I so desire, but I don't have to, and I guess that's what makes me the happy.

    It's late. I'd better get some sleep. I have a long day of relaxing ahead of me tomorrow. *yawn* Happy weekend, all.

    Friday, September 10, 2004


    So I've acquired a nickname at work. It started the day before yesterday; Todd and I were in the hall, and he was showing me how to use this ancient instrument called a profilometer. It can measure nanometer-sized scratches in the surfaces of materials, which is pretty cool for something that was built before my sister was born. ;) Anyway, the janitorial staff at the company (as far as I can tell) consists solely of an older Asian couple. They were coming down the hall to vaccuum out one of the meeting rooms across from where the profilometer is kept, and while they were walking by, the man looked at me and said, "Your brother is Harry Potter?" Well, everybody got a good laugh about that, and now I'm HP, for Harriet Potter.

    Thursday, September 09, 2004


    Yay for rain! It's pouring outside. I ran out to roll up Boomer's windows (usually leave 'em cracked during the day since it's so friggin hot), and I got completely soaked in the process. It's a nice, warm rain too (best of both worlds) and the first I've seen since I moved down here. Ah, what a great day.

    Pretty sunset yesterday. Posted by Hello

    Cat-in-the-sink (photo by Tom) Posted by Hello

    Tuesday, September 07, 2004


    So the long weekend was nice, very relaxing. Tom & I had a good time at the science museum, though it was a lot smaller than I remembered. Only 3 floors (the one in London had 6); we were through it in about 2 hours. Still was a good way to spend part of the afternoon. Except the dying chick in the "chicken and egg" exhibit. That wasn't so good. Poor thing was stuck on its back under the heat lamp, feebly flailing its legs, unable to get up. Eventually the others started trampling it. Yeah, not so good.

    Speaking of not so good, I found out today that I'm not getting paid for Labor Day. Stupid employment agency...I have to have worked 360 hours for them before I qualify for holiday pay. By my count, I have only racked up 230 hours...not even close. Grr. Oh well, whatever.

    Back to work. I almost dislocated my shoulder earlier, trying to pry open a 5-gallon tub of paint. That was fun. Now I've got 2 more to go open. Thrills!

    Sunday, September 05, 2004

    Blessed are the 3-day weekends

    Yesterday was a good day. Slept in, watched some TV, read some more of my book, saw the Beavers almost beat #3-ranked Louisiana State. OSU was ahead 15-7 until the last minute and a half of the game. LSU scored, got the 2-point conversion, tied it up 15-15. Game went into overtime, LSU scored, got the extra point, OSU scored, kicker sent the ball sailing off to the right, Beavs lose 22-21. Seriously, I don't know what was up with the kicker. OSU would have won handily if he hadn't missed every single extra point. (First td, he hit the right goal post. Second td, he hit the right goal post...again! Field goal - different guy. Final td, missed the goal altogether, off to the right. Hey, here's a thought...aim left!) Aaaanyway, it was still pretty satisfying to see the underdog go out and play respectably against the 2003 national co-champs.

    Current plan for today is to go to the science museum downtown. Should be fun; Tom's never been there, and I haven't been since I was a young'un. Need to do laundry, too. Then tomorrow, I don't have to go to work. Mua-ha! Also tomorrow, the new season of Jeopardy starts up, with the return of KenJen, the super-mormon.

    Time ter go make some breakfast. Hope everyone's having a nice Sunday.

    Friday, September 03, 2004

    Ho Hum

    So the air force peoples never came through our lab yesterday. Word today is they're not coming at all. Ah well. At least the lab's clean.

    Thursday, September 02, 2004


    So we were told that an Air Force general would be stopping by our lab today. I am shocked by how fast the place got cleaned up. Well, maybe not so much shocked as impressed. (It was getting really messy.)

    It's Thursday already?

    I like it when the week goes by quickly. Even better when I get to anticipate a three-day weekend ahead! Whoo-hoo! In other news, I've been keeping up with the jogging thing. Almost didn't go on Tuesday because it was pretty hot out, even in the evening, but Tom talked me into it. While I was out, he put a cup of water in the freezer for me, so by the time I returned, it was nice and cold and had even developed a tiny little skin of ice on the top. He's so good. :)

    All right, better finish getting ready so I can go to work. Joyous.

    Monday, August 30, 2004


    This makes me sick.

    Saturday, August 28, 2004

    Seems I'm not the only lazy one around here. Posted by Hello

    Just another lazy Saturday

    Since Tuesday, I've started going for a jog after work. It's just a short loop around the block, 3/4 of a mile, but it's a start. Figured I had to start engaging in some sort of physical activity since all I do every day now is go to work, sit/stand around, then come home and eat. I don't even have a daily bike ride to campus standing in the way of me developing an ever-expanding rear end. So yes, there's my motivation; the running itself certainly isn't a big motivator. But whatever. I'm taking the weekend off. ;)

    Not a lot going on so far today. Slept in a bit; that was nice. No big plans for the rest of the day.

    Wednesday, August 25, 2004

    A cat after my own heart...Leo intently watched stadium jumping with me this morning. Posted by Hello

    Sunday, August 22, 2004

    Leo and a rousing game of hide-the-foil-ball-in-the-shoe-and-dig-it-back-out-again Posted by Hello

    Weekend Fun

    So it's a little before 9am on Sunday. I'm awake for 2 reasons: the first is that Bravo was supposed to be showing Olympic show jumping from 7-10. (They's "Things I Hate About You") The other is that I was hoping it'd make it easier for me to fall asleep tonight in preparation for going back on "work schedule" tomorrow. I'm unconvinced, but we'll see.

    At any rate, figured this was as good a time as any to update the blog and post a few of the pictures I took yesterday at Zuma Beach. I thought it might be nice to spend a few hours just relaxing at the beach on Saturday, and Tom agreed, so we packed some provisions and headed to Malibu. We picked Zuma because neither of us had been there before (or, if I have, I was too young to remember). The day started out really overcast (yes, we loaded up on sunblock), so we didn't anticipate it being very warm. However, the skies did clear for a little while, the sun making an appearance and sending us to dip our feet in the water. There was a funny moment of seagull insanity; the people picnicking next to us got up to go swimming and left a bag of chips sitting out. Big mistake. One gull ripped into the bag, and that attracted the swarm. It was a frenzy, and even after some guy covered the chip bag with a towel, the gulls still kept coming back. Persistent little buggers.

    After eating our lunch and reading for a while (I can't believe I forgot my book...thank goodness Tom brought two), we stowed our stuff in the car and hiked down the beach to Point Dume. It's a big rocky outcropping about 3/4 of a mile from where we'd picnicked. It was pretty cool-looking, and while I'd originally wanted to hike the trail to the top, I was content to just look at it once we got there.

    So, that was our fine day yesterday. We were both pretty beat when we got home, and nobody felt like cooking, so Max suggested we order in. We got some tasty Indian food (oh, how I love living in a place where anything you want can be delivered!) and watched more Olympic coverage. As for today, there's not a whole lot on the agenda. Hope everyone's had a fine weekend; enjoy what's left of it. :)

    So this is the celebrity band we saw at Malibu...Flock of Seagulls! Ok, bad joke... Posted by Hello

    Indignant gull, mad that someone put his bag of chips under a towel. Posted by Hello

    Pretty Zuma Beach Posted by Hello

    Point Dume Posted by Hello

    Wednesday, August 18, 2004

    Rock on

    Excellent show last night, I must say. It was very loud, and my feet were completely dead by the end of it, but the show was great. Opened up with Charlotte Martin, who has a nice voice but was frequently (to use Tom's word of choice) overwrought. She probably could have done without the microphone, I think. Next was Katy Rose & band. Really liked the sound, couldn't understand a damn word of lyrics. May have to look into getting some of her music, studio-style thank you. This crazy old man in a suit started dancing during her set, and I'm not sure he stopped dancing for the rest of the night, even during set changes. He was amusing, but a little scary.

    The Cardigans were up after that. They had a pretty long set, but it was really really good. Tom & I both got a kick out of the bassist, who kept dancing around, kind of strutting, generally looking like he was thoroughly enjoying himself. They played mostly stuff from their new album, with the exception of "Erase and Rewind" somewhere in the middle of the set, and they finished off with "My Favorite Game," so I knew 2 songs at least. Some talented Swedes, they are.

    Then for Liz. We spent the first 3 sets at the back of the floor area, but there was an influx of tall people near the end of The Cardigans' set, so we moved closer to the stage during the set change. It's a pretty small venue, so it's not as though we couldn't see well enough from the back of the crowd, except for the minor detail of all those tall people. Anyway, Liz was awesome, and she played a great, nearly-hour-long set. It was a nice mix of old and new material, and I had a fine time singing along.

    All in all, a tiring but excellent night. Getting up for work this morning was not pleasant...were I still in school, I would definitely have skipped my morning classes. ;) Tired, tired girl right now, but managing to avoid a nap so (ideally) I'll be able to fall asleep at a reasonable hour tonight.

    Okay, I think that's all the latest. Over and out, for now.

    Tuesday, August 17, 2004

    Chicks With Attitude

    Tonight Tom and I are going to see Liz Phair in concert (he bought the tickets for my birthday). Very exciting! She's playing at the House of Blues on Sunset, which looks to be a pretty darn cool venue. It's the "Chicks with Attitude" tour, and the 3 openers are The Cardigans, Katy Rose & Charlotte Martin (haven't heard of the last 2, but I'm sure my sis has ;) ). Should be a fun show. More on that tomorrow, no doubt. For now, back to work, as ever.

    Sunday, August 15, 2004


    Geez, that was a redundant post. By way of update though, I'll say that dinner was very tasty. Hamburgers (Boca burgers for me, obviously). Mmmm, so delicious.

    Saturday, August 14, 2004

    Day o' Sloth

    Oh, such a lazy day. I didn't change out of my pjs until almost 5:30pm, and that was just so we could go shopping for dinner food. Returned to the living room to find Max perusing online grocery-purchasing (and subsequent delivery) options. Such laziness. We spent a good chunk of the day watching sporting events - lots of Olympics, most of an MLS game. I snoozed off and on, lazy bum that I am. And now it's time to go get those dinner fixings.

    Wednesday, August 11, 2004

    If I ran the world...

    What is the deal with the DMV and auto club closing at 5:00? Don't they know that most people don't get off work until then? I'm usually done at 4:30, and even I had to take a short lunch today so I could leave early and make it to AAA before they closed. Never mind that when I got there, and waited, the guy couldn't even help me. Now I'm stuck doing the same thing tomorrow, unless by some miracle there's an AAA branch near where I work; I could feasibly go during lunch or work until my normal time and not have to rush back to Pasadena. But really, I think things would just be better all around if places of business that are more useful to people outside traditional business hours would just hire a second shift of part-time workers to operate the place, say, from 2-7. Or on Saturday. That would be good in a couple of ways, at least. They'd be able to serve more customers and they'd be creating jobs, to boot. If I ran the world, that's how it would be.

    Early to Bed, Early to Rise....makes me grumpy

    I've decided that while I rather enjoy working and having a steady income (duh), I don't really care for the whole getting-up-at-6:20 thing, and I care even less for the whole going-to-bed-before-11 thing. I am heartened, however, to find that I haven't lost my ability to stay up late and sleep in (sort of) on the weekends. The fact that I sleep in until only 8:30 or 9:00 is probably a good thing anyway, I guess. Anyway, I'm just posting because it's 6:47 and I still have to make my lunch and I'm a little disgruntled. Hrmph, and grumble-grumble.

    Sunday, August 08, 2004

    Lazy Saturday

    Ahh, blessed Saturday. Sat around, watched some TV, got a haircut, watched some more TV, cleaned a little, watched X-Files on DVD, ate, read. Anticipating more of the same tomorrow, with the possible addition of a load of laundry. Man, life is good.

    Friday, August 06, 2004

    Long Friday

    Just got home from work...feel like I left the house a week ago. It was just a really long day (she said, somewhat redundantly). There was some minimal excitement when some samples failed spectacularly after a stint in the pressure cooker (next week will involve lots of re-testing, no doubt), and I did some very preliminary training on how to check F-16 canopies for defects. They're really pretty, the military jet canopies.

    Tired. Gonna go read and veg out for a while. Happy Friday, all.

    Wednesday, August 04, 2004

    Queen of the Band Saw

    Well, I finally learned how to use a band saw today. Not that it's all that tricky or anything, but it's just one of those tools I've never used, as far as I recall. So I cut a whole bunch of polycarbonate with it this morning, and then a heap of stretched acrylic this afternoon. At one point I had collected quite a few little filings in my hair...looked like I had a wicked case of dandruff. Aaaaanyway, that's the excitement of my day. Time to go home now.

    Sunday, August 01, 2004

    The Bourne Witch Project

    So we finally managed to go see The Bourne Supremacy tonight. Before anyone gets freaked out, I have no intention to discuss any plot details. Anyway, after trying to go last night and being denied (show sold out while we were standing in line), we were successful in our venture tonight. As movies go, it was the most entertaining movie I've seen that was consequently also nearly unwatchable. By that I mean that the director seems to have never heard of tripods, cranes, steady-cam devices, or any other such contraption that allows the audience to spectate without requiring Dramamine. The bulk of the film looked to be hand-shot by someone in the throes of an epileptic seizure...or the geniuses responsible for the cinematography of NYPD Blue. At any rate, the movie-going experience wasn't a total loss, so I guess that's saying something.

    Not a lot else to report. Just been working. Got around to testing the silicone on Thursday...that stuff got everywhere. Messy, messy. Beyond that, just enjoying the weekend. Hope y'all are doing the same.

    Wednesday, July 28, 2004

    All in a day's work

    I'm not sure how many jobs there are out there that afford you the opportunity to sample silicone (the consistency of honey) out of a 50 gallon drum using a foot-long metal spatula. Certainly not boring around here today!

    Tuesday, July 27, 2004

    Random comment

    Isn't it great when you get some new information on the job that completely nullifies all the work you did the day before? Ah well, I guess there's something to be said for unnecessary practice.

    Partay, and some other stuff

    Saturday's shindig was quite a succes. Below I've documented the party preparations, so you can check that out. I think we figured out there were 34 or so people here, all told, and we didn't even run out of food. It was a lot of fun.

    Sunday I finally saw The Bourne Identity, in preparation for seeing The Bourne Supremacy. We didn't quite make it to see the sequel, but I thought the first one was quite good. Certainly entertaining, and from what I've read and heard about Supremacy, that one's even better. Yay for sequels that are better than their predecessors.

    The weekend was, of course, far too short. Going back to work today at least wasn't much of a drag. Now if only I didn't have to get up so early to get there...hehe. It's disturbing that it's not even 10:00 yet and I have to get up in 8 1/2 hours. Grr. Well, on that happy note, I'm going to get to bed. Have a good week, all.

    Oh come on, boys, we just de-haired that chair! You're lucky you're so darned cute. Posted by Hello

    Many tasty veggies, ready for dipping. Posted by Hello

    Agnes hard at work on a double batch of chocolate chip cookies. Mmmm...chocolate. Posted by Hello

    Here we have photographic evidence of the day Tom made peace with the food processor. He came to see the value in the device when he made a huge bowl of fresh salsa in record time! Posted by Hello

    And here we have the product of Tom's collaboration with the food processor...big vat o' tasty, tasty guac. Posted by Hello

    Max & Agnes wrapping pigs in blankets. Oh so many blanketed pigs. Posted by Hello

    And thar's the spread. Posted by Hello

    And here's a picture of a bunch of people's backs...also, it's the only photo I managed to take <i>during</i> the party. Silly me. Posted by Hello

    Friday, July 23, 2004

    Week one is done...

    Well, I made it through 4 days without anyone deciding I'm unworthy to work here, so that's a good start. I've been basically thrown into the pool, so to speak, and expected to figure out that swimming business on my own. There's been some flailing on my part, but I haven't drowned yet. The reality is that there has been a big backlog of quality control tests that haven't been done (since the guy I replaced has been gone for almost 2 weeks and he was the only one who did that job), so I've had to jump in with very little training and just figure out how to get the stuff done. There's only one other guy who really knows how to do the tests, and he's always busy with other stuff, so as bad as I feel about bugging him for help all the time, I don't really have any other options. There are some things that are just completely unfamiliar to me...instruments, materials, etc. But I'm figuring it out, and by Monday afternoon I should be caught up on all the tests, so that's definitely a good thing.

    Looking forward to a nice weekend. We're having some folks over tomorrow night for a little shindig, so that'll be fun I'm sure. Need to get caught up on laundry, etc. etc., but that's about it. Have a good weekend. :)

    Tuesday, July 20, 2004

    New comments, and day one on the job

    Myles pointed out to me that he had to get a membership to comment on my posts, but this is no longer so. Anyone can comment freely, and should therefore feel free to do so.

    My first day at work was interesting. My supervisor apparently didn't know I was coming, so he wasn't at all prepared for me to be there today. It was okay though; he got me set up in my office and showed me where my lab benches were located. I spent a good chunk of the day cleaning and reorganizing (the guy I've replaced left only a week ago, and there was still a lot of his stuff sitting around), and then another chunk of the day reading about what I'll be doing for the company. For the time being, I'm a QC (Quality Control) chemist, which means I'll be performing lab tests on materials to make sure they are of an acceptable quality. I begin training tomorrow, and there are already lots of tests waiting to be done. According to my supervisor, I eventually will get additional training in some specific area or other, and later I'll have one or two minions of my own to supervise. So that's pretty durn cool.

    And now my belly is rumbly, so I'm going to go eat something. Hasta.

    Callooh Callay!

    Well, at long last, I seem to have found gainful employment. I received a phone call this morning that culminated in a job offer at an aerospace company. I start tomorrow! Looks to be an interesting job; I'll add more info here when I have some. Currently all I know is that I'll be assisting a senior chemist at the company, working on proposals and experiments related to new materials used in transparencies (which is a fancy word for airplane windshields, essentially). So that's all very exciting. And to bed, since I must get up very early tomorrow to beat the traffic and be at work on time! More in a few days.

    Friday, July 16, 2004

    Sun Teeth and the Job Hunt

    Well, both summer and the job hunt seem to be in full swing, here. I had one interview on Wednesday--it went well, but they were interviewing 5 people for one position, so I'm not counting any proverbial chickens--and I've got another next Tuesday. Hoping I'll get something reasonably soon, though I have to admit that having a month's break from work and school has been rather lovely.

    Though I'm glad to have a reprive from the Mojave Desert summer this year, it hasn't exactly been chilly here either. The sun has teeth, as Tom is wont to say, and it gnashes them often. It's nice that Torrance is a pretty short drive away...I think it's consistently about 10 degrees cooler there than here. We've also got a pool here in our complex, which I've already taken advantage of once. Hehe.

    Not a lot else going on. Just waiting for the employment gods to grant me a source of income. Here are some more sleeping cat pictures for your amusement. Til next time...

    Yes, I know I'm cute.  Posted by Hello