Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Callooh Callay!

Well, at long last, I seem to have found gainful employment. I received a phone call this morning that culminated in a job offer at an aerospace company. I start tomorrow! Looks to be an interesting job; I'll add more info here when I have some. Currently all I know is that I'll be assisting a senior chemist at the company, working on proposals and experiments related to new materials used in transparencies (which is a fancy word for airplane windshields, essentially). So that's all very exciting. And now...off to bed, since I must get up very early tomorrow to beat the traffic and be at work on time! More in a few days.

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neil5280 said...

You know, I had to sign up with Blogger to post this comment! Congratulations on your job my friend! I'll call you tomorrow and we can talk about our hard days at work. ;)

P.S. Pictures of the cats are adorable.