Tuesday, July 20, 2004

New comments, and day one on the job

Myles pointed out to me that he had to get a blogger.com membership to comment on my posts, but this is no longer so. Anyone can comment freely, and should therefore feel free to do so.

My first day at work was interesting. My supervisor apparently didn't know I was coming, so he wasn't at all prepared for me to be there today. It was okay though; he got me set up in my office and showed me where my lab benches were located. I spent a good chunk of the day cleaning and reorganizing (the guy I've replaced left only a week ago, and there was still a lot of his stuff sitting around), and then another chunk of the day reading about what I'll be doing for the company. For the time being, I'm a QC (Quality Control) chemist, which means I'll be performing lab tests on materials to make sure they are of an acceptable quality. I begin training tomorrow, and there are already lots of tests waiting to be done. According to my supervisor, I eventually will get additional training in some specific area or other, and later I'll have one or two minions of my own to supervise. So that's pretty durn cool.

And now my belly is rumbly, so I'm going to go eat something. Hasta.

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