Wednesday, August 11, 2004

If I ran the world...

What is the deal with the DMV and auto club closing at 5:00? Don't they know that most people don't get off work until then? I'm usually done at 4:30, and even I had to take a short lunch today so I could leave early and make it to AAA before they closed. Never mind that when I got there, and waited, the guy couldn't even help me. Now I'm stuck doing the same thing tomorrow, unless by some miracle there's an AAA branch near where I work; I could feasibly go during lunch or work until my normal time and not have to rush back to Pasadena. But really, I think things would just be better all around if places of business that are more useful to people outside traditional business hours would just hire a second shift of part-time workers to operate the place, say, from 2-7. Or on Saturday. That would be good in a couple of ways, at least. They'd be able to serve more customers and they'd be creating jobs, to boot. If I ran the world, that's how it would be.

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