Thursday, September 30, 2004

Comedians of Comedy

Last night, Tom and I went to see Patton Oswalt and several other comics perform at the El Rey downtown. The other two headliners were Maria Bamford and Brian Posehn, and there were 4 more (whose names I don't recall) who performed as well. It was hilarious. The show started around 9:15 and lasted until after midnight - a full 3 hours of nonstop laughing. My face hurt by the end of it, and I was completely worn out. Who knew comedy could be so exhausting?

Upon entering the theater, we were informed that by attending the show, we had given our consent to appear in a documentary about the Comedians of Comedy tour. Since we got pretty fantastic seats (the El Rey is small, so it would have been hard to have terrible seats, but we were 3rd row, center), there's a reasonable chance we'll actually show up on tape. So that may be amusing. All in all, it was a very fine evening, and we decided we'd definitely have to attend more events like that one.

This week has been a busy one, as far as work goes; I'm glad it's nearly over (provided I don't have to come in on Saturday again...keeping my fingers crossed). The weather the last few days has been most excellent, almost as if So. Cal. decided to have a real fall season this year instead of jumping straight from summer to winter. The sky was cloudy all day yesterday, threatening rain but never delivering, and so far today it's been the same. The cooler weather is definitely better for running in; I managed a mile and a half yesterday, which is pretty darn good for me. Certainly the farthest I've ever run at a stretch. I'm still not a fan of the activity itself, but it makes me feel like I accomplish something worthwhile every day, so that's good. I'm looking forward to watching the presidential debate tonight...hopeful and nervous at the same time. There were some pretty funny anti-Shrub jokes last night at the show (of course, with all the crazy, liberal comedians).

All right, back to work. Happy Thursday.

Monday, September 27, 2004


The post-lunch narcolepsy is hitting me like a stampeding wildebeest herd. Must...stay...awake...


It was very foggy out this morning as I was leaving for work. Down by the railroad tracks, I could barely see a block ahead of me. Then, the second I hit the freeway...crystal clear. It was very bizarre.

I worked a half-day on Saturday again, which kind of cut into my weekend plans of sleeping in late, but I managed a fair amount of sleep yesterday. The whole weekend was a pretty lazy one, aside from a brief excursion Saturday afternoon to brave WalMart in search of shorts and a bigger blanket for our bed. Despite all of our best efforts, we could not find a regular queen-sized blanket. Apparently, WalMart only invests in dual-use items, as we were given the options of twin/full and queen/king only. Feeling a bit Goldilocks-ish, we opted to try our luck at Bed Bath and Beyond instead. In the four minutes it took us to go in, find the perfect blanket, pay and leave, we were asked by no less than 5 store employees if we were "finding everything all right." They must have been having a really slow day...either that or they were all zombie employees trying to engage us in conversation so they could get close enough to eat our brains with a spoon...or something.

At any rate, that was about it for the weekend's excitement. Dad arrived in Kuwait yesterday after a long-ass plane ride, and I hear second-hand from Mom that things are going well thus far. So that's good. And now, if those of you who (like me) did not have to start classes again today will join me in a little celebratory dance, I'll get back to work.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

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Some news

For the past couple of weeks, my dad has been in Houston, training for a new job. This job is a slightly different kind of truck driving job than he's done before. Instead of delivering auto parts throughout Washington, he's now going to be delivering supplies to military troops. In Kuwait.

I kind of wanted to wait until it was official to say anything about it. He still had to pass all the training and physical exams before he could be selected to go. Actually, I didn't even find out about this new job until about a month ago. My parents have known it was a possibility for almost a year, but when he was called up in late August, they decided they could share the news with Amy and me.

Yes, it was initially a shock. I was floored, I got upset, I couldn't understand why they both seemed to think this was a good idea. But my mom was patient and helped me to grasp the reasons why my dad feels this is something he has to do. Not surprisingly, most of the family thinks he's out of his mind, but I don't really see any point in fighting about a decision that's not mine to make. All I can do is be supportive and trust that he'll make it through the year all right.

There are some bright sides, silver linings if you will. If it's absolutely horrendous, he can come home; he's not absolutely locked into being there for a year. Also, he'll be in Kuwait, not Iraq, which is a much friendlier place (as the Middle East goes, anyway). And he's got a buddy from his old job going with him, so that's good. Finally, he'll get some time off this winter to spend in England or France with my mom, which should be really awesome for both of them.

He's been waiting for a few days now to get put on a list of the next group to fly out, and today his waiting has ended. He flies out Saturday night and the adventure will begin. He'll be detailing his adventures, when he can, here, so check it out.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Cloudy Sunday

The weather was surprisingly mild yesterday. After I got home from my half-day at work (which was nice and productive), Tom and I watched part of the Oregon/Oklahoma game. Eventually, it was too painful to watch the Ducks get trounced, so we went for a long walk downtown. Up on Colorado Blvd, we found the street was closed off for 2 blocks for Latino Fest 2004, which was essentially a small street fair. Further wandering led us to the movie theater, where we decided to come back later in the evening to see Wimbledon. It was a cute movie; the "tennis ball-cam" shots were pretty cool. I'd put my stamp of recommendation on it.

Today there are big puffy clouds in the sky, and it's cooled off considerably from last week's temperatures. There's a nice breeze and everything. I've been jealous of the rain and stormy weather they've been having up north, but maybe we'll get some rain of our own soon. Leo was good enough to let us sleep in this morning, but now he's been running around like a maniac. Spazzy little thing. He's at the window now, checking out the birds.

Time to make some lunch and enjoy the rest of the day.

Friday, September 17, 2004


What an uninspiring Friday. I'd be glad it's at least a Friday at all, if it weren't for the fact that I have to work tomorrow...and be in at 7am! Grr. Boss waited until 10 minutes before I was due to leave today to tell me. Again, grr. But, I only have to work 4 hrs, and I'll get overtime pay. So that's a bright side, I'll concede.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Time for an update

Well, it's Thursday. The last time I posted anything was Monday. Guess it's time for me to post something. Let's see. Well, work's been busy. Yesterday I got assigned to a failure analysis project, which is about as forensic science-y as this job can get. We've had some problems showing up in some of the parts, so I get to help solve the mystery of why those problems are occurring. Should be fun to get a chance to stretch my brain a bit, I guess. As a result of this new assignment, I spent much of today learning a bit more about what goes on in the manufacturing end of things. Pretty fascinating, what all's involved with going from raw material to finished windows and jet canopies.

Sadly that's about the most interesting news I have to share right now. Perhaps I'll do something fun this weekend and have something to report then. For now, check out the "Links of Interest" I've posted over in the right-hand margin.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Garden State Soundtrack

Saturday afternoon, Tom and I went to Best Buy and got the Garden State soundtrack. I put it on my iPod last night so I could listen to it while I work. It's really very excellent. Between that and Tom being so patient and good and calming when I was leaving this morning, it's not been too bad a day thus far. My boss had a "Here, I need this done NOW!" kind of moment at one point, but for the most part, I've been managing to chug my way through all the stuff I've got to do. Now lunch time is almost over, so I'd best get back to it.

Free to good home: one bad cat

Anybody want a cat? He's awfully cute and generally very sweet. One disclaimer though - on occasion he will decide that he's just wide awake at 4am and, consequently, you should be, too. You can't lock him out of your room, because he'll cry at the door. You can't let him in because he'll run around and jump on things (from which he will knock other things off) and purr like a friggin lawn mower, keeping you awake for over an hour until you have no recourse but to wake up and go into work early. But not too early, because you don't have a key to the lab, so going in before anyone else gets there would be fruitless. (sigh) Tom says it's my temper that wouldn't let me go back to sleep, but I wasn't really all that worked up until I was just about to (finally!) fall asleep and the phone rang. Wrong number. Only we unplugged the phone in our room last week because Agnes was going to be calling Max really late, so in order to get the phone I had to run out to the living room. Then I didn't pick it up in time to prevent the answering machine from picking up, and the answering machine is really obscenely loud. Well, there was absolutely no going back to sleep at that point...for me. Tom's somehow managed to drift back off through all of this, which shocks the hell out of me since he usually has a terrible time falling asleep in the first place.

So now I'm sitting here in the living room in the dark; it's 6am and the sun's not up yet. Ahh, the end of summer is nigh. Leo has the nerve (if not the balls) to sit next to me on the couch, all quiet-like...oh, wait, something's got his attention. And he's off to investigate. Ah well, I guess I won't give him away just yet. I suppose it doesn't bode well for my potential as a parent someday if I can't handle a little cat waking me up at night. Well, guess I'd better go finish getting ready for work. I guess the bright side of all this is that I'll either get to come home early or make a little extra money working overtime.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Garden State and gnocchi

Tom and I went to see Garden State tonight. Go see it. Excellent soundtrack, good story, well shot for the most part, neat characters. If you've seen Zach Braff in Scrubs, he's completely different in this movie. Wrote & directed it too, for those not "in the know." Amy, I'm talking to you ;)

So I bought a bunch of potatoes yesterday so I could twice-bake them for dinner. They were tasty, and tonight I thought (since the 'taters are about all we have in the house right now) I'd try making gnocchi from scratch. It was actually a lot easier than I would have thought. I read the recipe just for the heck of it, and then noticed it was a fairly manageable undertaking. I oversalted the water, so they were really salty, but otherwise they came out great. I made a ton of dough though, so there's more in the fridge for another time. Made potato skins out of the leftover hulls...mmmmmm. All in all, a nice starch-fest around here the past couple of days.

In other news, it is Friday! I am glad to have a couple of days wherein I don't have to think about the deadlines I'm scrambling to make or the piles of materials that I'm getting behind on testing because of all the extra projects my supervisor and his cronies keep tossing my way. Bleh. Money's good to have though, and as I told Mom the other day, the job is still less stressful than school. Speaking of which, I found out that National University is going to start offering the Masters of Forensic Science program at the Los Angeles campus in April. This is a good thing, because I am accepted to NU (currently deferring admission while I gather funds and take a break from schooling), but until now they only offered the program at the San Diego campus. That would have been a bitch of a commute, so I was looking into going to Cal State L.A. instead, even though I'm not as keen on the program there. But I'd have to apply, and it's not a sure thing that I'd get in, etc. etc., so it's really just a good thing all around that I'll now have the option of being able to start school again sometime mid- to late-2005 instead of maaaaaaybe starting Sep. '06 if I got accepted to CSLA in the first place. Okay, that was a bit of a ramble, but the point is that I'm happy about this new tidbit of information. I can still wait til 9/06 to go back to school if I so desire, but I don't have to, and I guess that's what makes me the happy.

It's late. I'd better get some sleep. I have a long day of relaxing ahead of me tomorrow. *yawn* Happy weekend, all.

Friday, September 10, 2004


So I've acquired a nickname at work. It started the day before yesterday; Todd and I were in the hall, and he was showing me how to use this ancient instrument called a profilometer. It can measure nanometer-sized scratches in the surfaces of materials, which is pretty cool for something that was built before my sister was born. ;) Anyway, the janitorial staff at the company (as far as I can tell) consists solely of an older Asian couple. They were coming down the hall to vaccuum out one of the meeting rooms across from where the profilometer is kept, and while they were walking by, the man looked at me and said, "Your brother is Harry Potter?" Well, everybody got a good laugh about that, and now I'm HP, for Harriet Potter.

Thursday, September 09, 2004


Yay for rain! It's pouring outside. I ran out to roll up Boomer's windows (usually leave 'em cracked during the day since it's so friggin hot), and I got completely soaked in the process. It's a nice, warm rain too (best of both worlds) and the first I've seen since I moved down here. Ah, what a great day.

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Tuesday, September 07, 2004


So the long weekend was nice, very relaxing. Tom & I had a good time at the science museum, though it was a lot smaller than I remembered. Only 3 floors (the one in London had 6); we were through it in about 2 hours. Still was a good way to spend part of the afternoon. Except the dying chick in the "chicken and egg" exhibit. That wasn't so good. Poor thing was stuck on its back under the heat lamp, feebly flailing its legs, unable to get up. Eventually the others started trampling it. Yeah, not so good.

Speaking of not so good, I found out today that I'm not getting paid for Labor Day. Stupid employment agency...I have to have worked 360 hours for them before I qualify for holiday pay. By my count, I have only racked up 230 hours...not even close. Grr. Oh well, whatever.

Back to work. I almost dislocated my shoulder earlier, trying to pry open a 5-gallon tub of paint. That was fun. Now I've got 2 more to go open. Thrills!

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Blessed are the 3-day weekends

Yesterday was a good day. Slept in, watched some TV, read some more of my book, saw the Beavers almost beat #3-ranked Louisiana State. OSU was ahead 15-7 until the last minute and a half of the game. LSU scored, got the 2-point conversion, tied it up 15-15. Game went into overtime, LSU scored, got the extra point, OSU scored, kicker sent the ball sailing off to the right, Beavs lose 22-21. Seriously, I don't know what was up with the kicker. OSU would have won handily if he hadn't missed every single extra point. (First td, he hit the right goal post. Second td, he hit the right goal post...again! Field goal - different guy. Final td, missed the goal altogether, off to the right. Hey, here's a thought...aim left!) Aaaanyway, it was still pretty satisfying to see the underdog go out and play respectably against the 2003 national co-champs.

Current plan for today is to go to the science museum downtown. Should be fun; Tom's never been there, and I haven't been since I was a young'un. Need to do laundry, too. Then tomorrow, I don't have to go to work. Mua-ha! Also tomorrow, the new season of Jeopardy starts up, with the return of KenJen, the super-mormon.

Time ter go make some breakfast. Hope everyone's having a nice Sunday.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Ho Hum

So the air force peoples never came through our lab yesterday. Word today is they're not coming at all. Ah well. At least the lab's clean.

Thursday, September 02, 2004


So we were told that an Air Force general would be stopping by our lab today. I am shocked by how fast the place got cleaned up. Well, maybe not so much shocked as impressed. (It was getting really messy.)

It's Thursday already?

I like it when the week goes by quickly. Even better when I get to anticipate a three-day weekend ahead! Whoo-hoo! In other news, I've been keeping up with the jogging thing. Almost didn't go on Tuesday because it was pretty hot out, even in the evening, but Tom talked me into it. While I was out, he put a cup of water in the freezer for me, so by the time I returned, it was nice and cold and had even developed a tiny little skin of ice on the top. He's so good. :)

All right, better finish getting ready so I can go to work. Joyous.