Sunday, October 03, 2004

Another pleasant valley Sunday... in status symbol land. Or something. The clouds of last week lifted yesterday to yield a clear-sky weekend, though fortunately it stayed relatively cool in spite of the cloudlessness. I got to change a tire on my car yesterday. That was fun. Tom helped me out by jacking up the car while I was working on removing the offending flat, but I did the actual tire changing on my own. This may seem like a silly accomplishment, but I have often wondered, even though I know in theory what I'm supposed to do, if I'd be able to physically change a tire on my own. Well, mystery solved. I will not be helpless if in the future I should blow a tire on some remote stretch of road far from cell phone towers.

After I got the tire patched, I drove down to Yaya's to have lunch and visit for a few hours. On the way back I called and talked to Megan, who informed me she had her baby last Sunday! Healthy boy, Weston Richard. It's weird when your best friends start procreating. All the best to her and Woody; I know they'll be excellent parents.

Tom and I are going to try and make French bread from scratch later. Should be amusing. Beyond that, not much else to report for the day. Been sitting, reading, too lazy to even get out of my pjs. Hope everyone else is having as relaxing a weekend as I've had.

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