Sunday, October 17, 2004

It's raining, it's pouring...huzzah!

I got up this morning at my usual 6am to go to work, and there were clouds in the sky. Real clouds. None of this overcast, fog-accumulation-from-the-ocean crap. All day long it was nice and cool and cloudy, and I was loving it. I know, I know, if I were still in the Willamette Valley I'd be cursing the rain by now. Funny what you miss, I guess. Anyway, the sky was blue again by mid-afternoon, much to my dismay. Tonight, when Tom and I went to go see Team America: World Police (so bad, yet so very funny), it started raining outside during the movie. Upon leaving the theater, we were treated to a nice walk home through the rain. Excellent! The meteorologists claim we might even get some thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow. I hope they're right; that would be great.

That's my exciting news. Looking forward to an actual day off tomorrow.

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