Wednesday, October 20, 2004

More rain and stuff

Been raining fairly steadily here since Saturday night, though by some amazing stroke of luck, my jogging times the last 2 days have managed to coincide with brief rain respites; I've mostly been getting dripped on by trees, which is good, because while I'm loving running in the cooler weather (you were right, Tom, and I was wrong), I'm also glad to not be completely drenched upon returning home. I've upped my distance to 2 miles a day (sometimes a little more), so that's pretty cool, I think. Go me.

Sunday and Monday nights, the long-awaited Farscape miniseries aired on the SciFi Channel. I never did see what happened at the end of the 4th season, but that's probably a good thing, because the cliff-hanger was such that I would have been even more upset about the show's cancellation than I already was. Whoo-boy, what a doozy. Anyway, the miniseries did not disappoint (aside from a few laughably awful CGI sequences), so yippee. Go Farscape creators. Tonight marks the return of The West Wing, so I'm excited about that. It's a good show.

All right, lunch time is over, so it's back to work for me. Oh, and speaking of work, I started my job 3 months ago today. Some days it seems like I've been here forever, and others it feels like I've just begun. Anyway, hope everyone's having a good week.

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