Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Website coolness

So last night I registered the domain and found a pretty sweet deal on some place to host it. While it's not live yet, what this means is that eventually I'll be (slowly) migrating my old webpage to; Dad's page will eventually be, etc. So that's cool. I'm looking forward to being able to set up photo galleries like Caryn and Vlad have. Should be a fun project, I think.

What else? Felt kind of cruddy on Sunday and Monday (bit of a head cold), but I started feeling a little better yesterday and I'm doing all right so far today. Got some more rain yesterday; not a whole lot of fun to drive through, with all the crazies on these freeways, but I rather enjoyed lying in bed and hearing it pour down on the roof. Other than that, not much new to report.

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