Saturday, October 23, 2004

Wrong number...wrong number!

Everybody gets phone calls from people who are trying to call someone else. However, twice now I have been called by girls looking for someone they caught their boyfriends cheating with. Early September was the first call. This one started out relatively calm. I'll refer to her as Girl-1.

"Hello, Caitlin? This is Girl-1 from the drama club."
"Sorry, wrong number."
"Oh, ok."

(15 seconds later)

"Hi, Caitlin? This is Girl-1. I'm in the drama club with you."
"Yeah, this really isn't Caitlin's number. She must have changed it."
"Oh, you know Caitlin?"
" just said her name the last time you called and I remembered."

At this point she lost it. Completely broke down, sobbing, telling me all about how her boyfriend had dumped her after she'd found out he was sleeping with this Caitlin girl and how she had no one to talk to about it, no parents, no friends. I was pretty much at a loss as to what to tell her, but I did my best to calm her down, tell her the guy was a jerk and didn't deserve her, whatever I could think of. Eventually she was a bit better and hung up.

Then last night, my phone rang again and I thought I vaguely recognized the area code as being the same as the one from the previous caller. Wasn't sure though, so I went ahead and answered. This time it was a different girl, who was completely hysterical. I could hardly understand her except for the occasional "How can you be sleeping with him, you bitch?!" I kept trying to tell her she had the wrong number but she wouldn't believe me! "Bullshit! I know it's you! Bitch!" At some point I handed Tom the phone so he could hear what was going on, and of course when he also tried to explain she had the wrong number, she thought he was the cheating boyfriend. Eventually there was nothing to be done but to just hang up on her. I felt pretty bad about the whole thing though and called her back on Tom's phone, figuring the number would come up on her caller ID and she could see it wasn't something she recognized. Yeah, not so much. I told her my name, which really confused her.

"Susan?! No, Cindy! This is supposed to be Cindy!"
"Yeah, well it's not. You really did have the wrong number, ok?"
(incoherent screeching)
"I can't understand anything you're saying."
"(incoherent) bitch!"

After this whole debacle, I went back and checked my phone records from the previous call. Indeed, the area code was the same, but the numbers were different. So I've come to the conclusion that some high school ho-bag is apparently sleeping her way around town, giving out fake names and my number, and I'm bearing the repercussions of her actions. Either that or the "You're sleeping with my boyfriend!" prank call is all the rage now. In any case, it's really pretty unnerving to have unfounded accusations flung at you, especially something of that nature. Anyway, just figured I'd comment on that, since I thought it was a pretty remarkable coincidence for the same thing to happen to me twice, with calls originating in the same geographical area, within a little over a month of each other.

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