Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Busy Sue

Let's see, last update was Thursday, hmm? What's been going on since then?

Well, I added more photos to the gallery, for one. I've still got a ways to go, but I started uploading my photos from the UK, and I posted another album of pics from Dad. Otherwise, nothing spectacularly interesting going on. Saturday after work I drove out to Westlake to see if I could dig up any info about a horse for a friend. It was a little equestrian espionage, so to speak. Took some pictures, tried to gather intel, generally enjoyed the afternoon. It was weird to drive out that way; I kept seeing things along the freeway that sparked some major deja vous, things I hadn't seen since I was a wee one.

Saturday night Tom and I went to Tom's friend Paul's house for a party. There was quite an eclectic group of folks there; a lot of Tech-ers, some friends of Paul's from Canada, and some people from USC (most of whom were liberal arts grad students in some field or other, which made for interesting conversation among a bunch of science nerds).

Sunday morning I slept too late and was thus pretty groggy most of the day. I did laundry but not much else. Yesterday was work as usual. Agnes(roommate)'s grandma had surgery yesterday, and since it was successful, Agnes took Tom & me out for dinner to celebrate. We went to Hamburger Hamlet, stuffed our bellies, and rolled the 3 1/2 blocks home. And now it's time for work again.

See, so you really didn't miss anything interesting by my not posting for a few days. ;) Hehe. Ah well, perhaps I'll think of something noteworthy to say later today.

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