Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Nice weekend, weird dreams

Having Sunday off when I didn't expect it was a rather pleasant surprise. I guess all this early rising six or so days a week has its advantages; Sunday morning I slept until I could sleep no more, and when I finally sat up and looked at the clock, it was only 8:30. I felt well-rested and I still had practically the whole day ahead of me. Excellent.

Yesterday actually went by pretty quickly for a Monday. No complaints, here. One of the guys in my lab handed in his letter of resignation. Can't say I blame him; he drives in every day from El Segundo up the 405 (yuck) and managed to find a job that's within walking distance of his house, so that's obviously a much sweeter deal for him.

After work I got home to find another notice taped to the front door of the apartment complex. This time, Judging Amy will be filming, but only for one day. I don't really watch that one, but Tom said he's seen them film in town here a couple of times before. He said they transformed entire city blocks to do their shooting, which I would think must be pretty complicated for a one-day shoot. I can't imagine they'll do much to the school across the way when they film this time, but who knows? Could be interesting.

Last night I had a weird dream that there was a news report claiming Yasser Arafat's "mysterious illness" had been caused by eating too many red onions. Since he'd been in the hospital and the onions had had a chance to work their way out of his system, he'd managed to recover completely. It was a weird dream.

All right, time for work. Check out the photo gallery if you haven't already. I'm working on organizing all my pictures from England so I can put those up soon, too. There are also a lot that I took in London and never scanned, so hopefully this weekend I'll get a chance to do that and put them up, too.

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