Saturday, February 26, 2005


Finally got the new photos uploaded to the gallery. We are still without internet access at home, but we should be amending that soon, hopefully. Not much to report except for the fact that I slept until 8:00 this morning and felt as though I'd slept til noon. That was kind of nice. ;) I also (finally) finished Sea of Glory this morning; I swear, it took me several weeks to get through the first half of that book and then 2 days of actal solid reading to finish it. Twas an enjoyable one. Now I'm returning to the Earthsea series for a while; those are some interesting books.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Here comes the sun, I's all right

The combination of finally having clear skies in the morning after weeks of rain and the fact that we're heading on towards Spring has made me feel like I've been getting to work late these last few days. It's been many months since I had piercing sunlight glaring in my side and rearview mirrors on the way to work. Makes me glad I'm driving west in the morning instead of east!

The nearly-full moon was still setting this morning during my drive, too. It was rather pretty.

My cold is still slowly retreating; I'm looking forward to getting some good rest this weekend. My day today will likely be almost entirely spent working (read: fighting) with an analytical instrument that's almost as old as I am (okay, so it's only about 15 years old, but that's still pretty freaking ancient). So that'll At least it's pretty low-key; I don't have to do a lot of running around, so I'm reasonably pleased about that. All right, better get to it. Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 24, 2005


Well, it finally happened. I got a cold that knocked me out enough to stay home from work for a day. Still feel a little icky today but definitely much better than I did.

Big doin's down here lately. We've had (so far) the third wettest year on record, with almost twice as much rainfall in a few days as we typically get in a whole season. Pretty exciting. Really I'm most amazed by the fact that there can be a rushing river going through an intersection, and then the rain stops for a few hours, and the street dries up completely. That's just astounding to me. Crazy California with its alternately crappy and extremely effective drainage...

I managed to get a few pictures of the apartment yesterday, complete with furnishings. I'll post those at lunchtime, probably. I'm sure I had more news to relate, but I can't think of it right now. More later, perhaps, if I remember.

Update: Stupid Windows2000...not nearly as smart as XP with the whole plug and play thing. It couldn't seem to find drivers for my camera, so no photo uploads from work. I'll try and get the pics posted in a few days.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Moving Day! (Parts II & III)

We woke yesterday to the sound of pouring rain. And crashing thunder.

We'd already reserved the UHaul van, and as cancelling that reservation would slap us with a $50 fee, we braved the weather and commenced with the moving. Much to my surprise (and bewilderment) there were two other large moving trucks on our street as well; we were not the only fools moving in the downpour.

The rainfall varied from sprinkles to a deluge, and every so often we'd hear some thunder claps, but we managed to get our belongings over to our new abode without major incident. We even found an excellent bargain on a big ol' couch at the Salvation Army (seriously, a big ol' couch...the thing barely, and I mean barely, fit through the front door of the new place). It was (no surprise) an exceedingly tiring day, and when all was said and done, we were broken people...but broken people with a home of their own.

Today we're cleaning up at the old place, gathering the last of our stuff, and setting about the arduous task of organization. It'll take a while to get everything settled, but I think we've gotten a pretty good start. Tomorrow (ugh) it's back to work.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Moving Day! (Part I)

I talked to the apartment manager on Wednesday, and she said our applications/credit checks/etc. were all acceptable, so it's official! We sign the lease at the new place tomorrow, and as soon as the cleaners finish up their cleaning today, we're free to begin moving stuff in. I'm going to swing by after work to finally get pictures of the place, so I'll try to have those posted tonight or tomorrow.

And...of's raining like a mo-fo. It's supposed to be raining less heavily tomorrow, but the various meteorology folks have been wrong in their predictions all week, so I'm not counting on any reprieve from a wet move. That's okay, though. We will manage!

Back to work. More details in the coming days...

Update: Pictures are up...check the gallery!

Friday, February 11, 2005

Home Sweet Home?

It's been a long week, but it went by extremely fast, if that makes any sense. Last Saturday I went with Gram Gram to Van Nuys to try to find a car for her (which we did). Saturday evening I rushed back so we could look at that apartment we've been trying to see for 2 weeks, and the tenant stood us up again! Grr...more on that later.

Sunday was a surprise b-day party for Grandpa Le Grow in the guise of a Super Bowl Party (happy 75th!). Tom and I could only stay for a little while, as we had to be back in Pasadena for another SB party, but it was interesting to see family members I hadn't seen in a very long time. At said other SB party, we won the football pool ($16!), so that was kind of neat.

Monday through Wednesday, I was a complete grumpster at work; stuff's been irritating me lately, and I finally had had enough of it. Yesterday, however, I was in an extremely good mood for no discernible reason. That mood carried over to today somewhat, so the week ended on a good note.

So back to the tenant who stood us up. He (finally) moved out yesterday, so Tom & I made an appointment to meet with the apartment manager tonight. And the place is just about perfect for us, so we put down a deposit and will return tomorrow with our applications! Anticipated move-in date is a week from today, provided our credit is deemed acceptable (it oughta be). Huzzah! All the persistence with that place has paid off, it seems. I'm glad the search is over. Now the packing begins...fortunately, we haven't got a ton of extraneous junk. :)

All right, that's the latest. More news (and perhaps photos!) in a few days, no doubt.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


The years have been short, but the days go slowly by...
-The Shins, "Pink Bullets"

I can hardly believe it's February already. A lot of the time, the work days just seem to drag by, but a month can go by in the blink of an eye (some sort of cosmic eye, no doubt). It's weird. I feel like January came and went while I hardly noticed, and yet October seems so long ago. I keep thinking my dad's been overseas longer than he has. Then I remember it's only been 5 months and I'm shocked.

Well, enough rumination. This week has been extremely busy, and while it started out being not so productive, I've managed to get a heck of a lot done in the past 2 days. So that's good. I looked at an apartment on Tuesday night; it was definitely promising. I think we're going to put in our applications for that one but still keep a look-out for others. I certainly wouldn't mind living there, though. We'll just have to see how things shake down.

That's it for now. Another weekend's just around the corner...huzzah!