Friday, February 25, 2005

Here comes the sun, I's all right

The combination of finally having clear skies in the morning after weeks of rain and the fact that we're heading on towards Spring has made me feel like I've been getting to work late these last few days. It's been many months since I had piercing sunlight glaring in my side and rearview mirrors on the way to work. Makes me glad I'm driving west in the morning instead of east!

The nearly-full moon was still setting this morning during my drive, too. It was rather pretty.

My cold is still slowly retreating; I'm looking forward to getting some good rest this weekend. My day today will likely be almost entirely spent working (read: fighting) with an analytical instrument that's almost as old as I am (okay, so it's only about 15 years old, but that's still pretty freaking ancient). So that'll At least it's pretty low-key; I don't have to do a lot of running around, so I'm reasonably pleased about that. All right, better get to it. Happy Friday!

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