Friday, February 11, 2005

Home Sweet Home?

It's been a long week, but it went by extremely fast, if that makes any sense. Last Saturday I went with Gram Gram to Van Nuys to try to find a car for her (which we did). Saturday evening I rushed back so we could look at that apartment we've been trying to see for 2 weeks, and the tenant stood us up again! Grr...more on that later.

Sunday was a surprise b-day party for Grandpa Le Grow in the guise of a Super Bowl Party (happy 75th!). Tom and I could only stay for a little while, as we had to be back in Pasadena for another SB party, but it was interesting to see family members I hadn't seen in a very long time. At said other SB party, we won the football pool ($16!), so that was kind of neat.

Monday through Wednesday, I was a complete grumpster at work; stuff's been irritating me lately, and I finally had had enough of it. Yesterday, however, I was in an extremely good mood for no discernible reason. That mood carried over to today somewhat, so the week ended on a good note.

So back to the tenant who stood us up. He (finally) moved out yesterday, so Tom & I made an appointment to meet with the apartment manager tonight. And the place is just about perfect for us, so we put down a deposit and will return tomorrow with our applications! Anticipated move-in date is a week from today, provided our credit is deemed acceptable (it oughta be). Huzzah! All the persistence with that place has paid off, it seems. I'm glad the search is over. Now the packing begins...fortunately, we haven't got a ton of extraneous junk. :)

All right, that's the latest. More news (and perhaps photos!) in a few days, no doubt.

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