Saturday, February 19, 2005

Moving Day! (Parts II & III)

We woke yesterday to the sound of pouring rain. And crashing thunder.

We'd already reserved the UHaul van, and as cancelling that reservation would slap us with a $50 fee, we braved the weather and commenced with the moving. Much to my surprise (and bewilderment) there were two other large moving trucks on our street as well; we were not the only fools moving in the downpour.

The rainfall varied from sprinkles to a deluge, and every so often we'd hear some thunder claps, but we managed to get our belongings over to our new abode without major incident. We even found an excellent bargain on a big ol' couch at the Salvation Army (seriously, a big ol' couch...the thing barely, and I mean barely, fit through the front door of the new place). It was (no surprise) an exceedingly tiring day, and when all was said and done, we were broken people...but broken people with a home of their own.

Today we're cleaning up at the old place, gathering the last of our stuff, and setting about the arduous task of organization. It'll take a while to get everything settled, but I think we've gotten a pretty good start. Tomorrow (ugh) it's back to work.

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