Thursday, March 17, 2005


When I arrived at the vet's this afternoon, there was a hissing, growling crate awaiting me. However, once the bills were paid, the special food collected and the care instructions relayed, it was time to go home. The moment I set the carrier down in the car, the racecar noises stopped. When I put my hand to the little crate door, there was no hissing; instead, a cautious nose took a sniff. Loki was almost completely silent during the whole ride home, save a few quiet meows. Before too long, he was snoozing. I think it's safe to say he's pretty darn glad to be out of there.

At the moment, he's locked in the bedroom with a litter box and some water, giving himself a very thorough bath. (He's had one of those plastic cone-collars on since Sunday so he wouldn't pull at his various IVs; hence, no self-grooming in almost five days.) Leo's desperate to go in and check him out, but I'm going to give Loki some quiet time for just a bit longer.

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