Friday, July 29, 2005


This morning I reserved a rental car online from Budget. I was very amused at how, in the rental agreement, they covered and re-covered all their bases when stating whom is exempt from the "extra driver" fee:
"The renter's spouse, mate, life companion, significant other, live-in, domestic life partner or similar."
Way to be redundant in your political correctness there, Budget. Hehe.


Neil said...

Does that mean my imaginary friend is not exempt?

susan said...

I guess that depends. Is this an imaginary "life companion" or just an imaginary beer buddy? ;)

Either way you're probably hosed though. Though visibility is never specifically addressed, all drivers (primary or additional, exempt or non-exempt) are required to hold a valid driver's license. Looks like you'd be stuck doing all the driving, yourself.