Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Counting Quantum Leaps

Sometime last year, we started catching episodes of Quantum Leap on the SciFi Channel late at night. Tom was somewhat horrified that I hadn't seen much of what he considered a classic television show (I knew the general premise, but that was about it), but before too long I was basically up to speed. When Christmas rolled around, I bought the first season of the show on DVD, almost as much for myself as for Tom. It's a silly show, but it has its clever moments, and even though the plot is essentially the same in every episode, there's still something enjoyable about the concept.

Occasionally, if I'm having trouble falling asleep, I'll think about what I would do if I were to "leap" into my own body at some earlier point in my life, knowing everything I know now. What would be the best point? As hideous as reliving high school would be, I've come to the conclusion that I could make the most positive changes if I were to leap into my 14 year-old self. I could warn friends about future boyfriends/girlfriends ("Trust me, stay away from that guy! He's going to treat you like crap!"), I could adopt better physical fitness habits (thus avoiding the pudgy stage of my later high school years), I could try to develop more enthusiasm for math (perhaps by recruiting as a tutor a certain brilliant, varsity-soccer-playing sophomore who doesn't yet know I'm destined to become his one true love), and I could return to the years when my horseback-riding skills were at their peak. The opportunities would be boundless!

Of course, if I set myself along even a slightly a different path, no matter what my intentions, would I still end up where I am now? Would Tom & I have worked as a couple if we'd begun dating in high school? (I'd like to think so, but you know how these things go.) Would my friends heed my relationship "premonitions" and be happier for them, or do we need to go through a certain amount of hardship sometimes to realize how great we've got it later? I don't know the answers to these questions. But usually I only manage to ponder a few of them before falling fast asleep. ;)


madre said...

We were just discussing this very idea yesterday at work! All of us agreed it would be fun to have at least one day to experience life then with our current knowledge. I was in eighth grade in 1968..so much was going on and changing things around us. I'd love to think I could make a few calls and alert MLK and Bobby Kennedy as to their impending assinations. Would today's world would be any better? I'd also invest in a little company called Microsoft!

susan said...

I'd also invest in a little company called Microsoft!

Ha! No kidding ;)

mysterygirl! said...

Ah, I love Quantum Leap, but I never thought about leaping into my own body!

I guess I've always thought that I wouldn't want to change anything from the past, because who knows what self-knowledge I might miss if I did? Not that I want to re-live any old humiliations, though... shudder.

susan said...

Well, I'm certainly of the mind that if I actually had the power to change the past, I wouldn't really alter anything. It's just one of those fun "what-ifs." ;)