Thursday, September 15, 2005

I'm that guy (

I remember those early months, right after I started working here. Whenever I had to go get material from some area or other of the plant, with no clue where exactly to go or whom to talk to, I asked Todd for help. I'd follow him around like the newbie I was, always impressed at how he seemed to know everyone, no matter where we were going. Walking through the halls we'd get waves from everyone.

"Hey Todd, how's it going?"
"Not bad, bubba, what's shaking?"
"Same old, man. Take care."

We'd get to our destination, he would introduce me to whomever, and then the next time I had to go to the same place, I'd go on my own, armed with another name/face, another contact. My arsenal of contacts slowly grew. Now, I know this isn't unusual in any way; this is how you network, how you get by in any work environment. I guess what surprised me was how suddenly it seemed that I'd gotten to know a whole lot of folks.

Now, a year and (almost) two months after starting my job, I walk around on my own, nodding/waving/addressing the many people I pass, and they know me by name. I've established myself here, and I have to admit, it feels pretty good. :)


Amy said...

Miss Popular :)

susan said...

Yeah, or something ;)