Monday, September 19, 2005

Soundtrack to Crazytown

I have only managed thus far to import three albums into my iTunes on the new laptop. I keep meaning to add more, but then it seems like such a big job that I put it off for another day. Anyway, I listen to these three albums, one after another, as background music for my profiling class's chat sessions, and they're about as different from one another as they could be.

Album 1: Movin' Melodies by ATB - German (I think) techno/trance artist. Repetitive but upbeat, not too distracting because it sort of blends into the background.

Album 2: Plans by Death Cab For Cutie - Loving this album. Brings me right down from the head-bobbing beats of ATB, puts me in more of a pensive mood, which probably ain't too bad for this class. Somewhat distracting though, beacause I want to sing along...

Album 3: Amelie Soundtrack - Ninety percent of this album is just so happy! Hippity little accordian, tweedley strings and woodwinds, tinkley piano and bells. I can't not smile listening to it...which makes for a strange contrast when my prof is lecturing about violent pedophiles, serial killers, and sex offenders. Right now, for example, he's talking about the role of evil in the world (how it is a "gift" to us), and I just can't really get into it. Then again, I think I'd have a hard time getting into this lecture with or without the Amelie influence.

"When you understand that evil is a grindstone that pulls you implacably along, pulverizing into dust all romantic delusions from you so as to refine you, then you will need no one or no thing to complete you. No fallacy can make a home in you. Ignorance is dead, not alive in your perceptions. You will have no need for this world's admiration and reassurance - when you defeat need, you have no use for anyone and therefore no one can use you - do you see evil's gift?"

I think I'm glad I'll be moving on to my next class in a week. ;)

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