Sunday, September 11, 2005

Transporter 2 and Beavers

Went to see Transporter 2 this evening. Boy howdy, was that entertaining. I enjoyed The Transporter (One) as well. Some of the fight scenes were completely ridiculous ("No way did he just pull that off!"), and at other times I was laughing uproariously ("Haha! That's right, bitches. He's gonna school you good!"). They're short flicks, the Transporter movies (the first one was 92 minutes, and this one was 88), but they're action-packed the whole way through. Jason Statham is like a British Jackie Chan, only less wacky and high-strung. It's almost as if he's bored when he has to beat up a pack of ne'er-do-wells. Anyway, go see Transporter 2 if you're into pointless action movies. It is certainly entertaining.

Now switching to the wide world of sports, OSU had their first televised game of the season (well, technically it's still pre-season, but whatever) today. They were playing Boise State, who had a horrible game against Georgia Tech last weekend. At first, it looked pretty bad for the Beavers. Boise St. made two touchdowns in the first quarter and appeared to make them without a whole lot of effort. The score was 14-zip when we left for the movies. By the fourth quarter (we were at The Road House for dinner, and the game was on), the Beavers were still down by 7 (27-20), and I thought that while the comeback was impressive, they were not going to win this one. However, I checked the score when we got home, and OSU finished ahead of the Broncos 30-27. Not exactly a landslide victory, but a win's a win. Go Beavs! By the by, OSU's new additions to Reser Stadium are incredible. I'd been watching the building progress on the webcam, but seeing the finished product on TV was a different thing entirely..."Oh, so that's where my tuition dollars were going. I get it now." It was pretty funny though to hear the announcers exclaiming that "it was the largest crowd in attendance in the stadium's history!" Hardly a thing to brag about, as since the addition of about 30% more seating, the stadium's "history" has consisted of two whole games. Hehe...silly announcers.

I had a big ol' political rant to post about the FDA and the whole Plan B debacle, but I don't think I'll get to it tonight. Probably tomorrow. I just can't muster up the rage right now to finish writing it, and I think I'd like to go to bed happy anyway, rather than all angstified about the state of drug regulation in this country. Uh oh...getting angry again...stopping now before it gets worse. 'Night, all.

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