Saturday, September 24, 2005

Well now, aren't we the social butterflies?

Last night was the "new grad student orientation" party at Caltech. Tom heard they'd be roasting a whole goat and really wanted to go check it out, so we went. Turned out to be a theme party (Heaven & Hell), and there were a surprising number of costumed people in attendance. Very amusing. It was also surprisingly social and party-like for a Caltech function; sure, there were the typical discussions of research and whatnot, but there was a drunk girl wandering around in her bra (surrounded of course by a crowd of drooling nerds) and some of the boys spat rum fireballs. So that was quite unusual.

And of course, there was indeed a dessicated-looking headless goat roasting on a spit. It was pretty creepy-looking with its little neck flesh dangling - it reminded me of "The Mummy" - but Tom said it was really tasty. All in all, a fun evening, and the latest I've stayed up in a goodly while.

Tonight we've been invited to a gathering at Max's. He and Demetri are going to make pizzas, so we'll be hanging out with the usual crowd there. Should be fun!

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mysterygirl! said...

A grad school party that included crazy antics? Will wonders never cease?

Glad you had fun!