Friday, September 30, 2005

Yawn. Stretch. Sigh. Smile.

I was queen of the ampules this morning. Made a new batch of material and sealed those suckers up in under an hour! Victory in this arena, henceforth, shall be expected and no longer noteworthy, but I'll take one last bow for the time being.


I'm in a good mood because a) it's Friday! and b) it occurred to me at lunch that I actually accomplished all the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the week. It's been a while since I haven't had one of those "eh, I'll get to it Monday" Fridays. (Wow, that sentence only barely makes sense...)

As for weekend plans, I haven't many (aside from reading, homework, reading, reading...), but tomorrow night is the season premiere of Saturday Night Live, about which I wouldn't be excited were it not for the fact that Steve Carell is hosting. That guy is funny, and I'm hoping his humor will be enough to counteract the tragic unfunnyness that has befallen SNL of late. I laughed like an insane person at The 40 Year Old Virgin, so it's possible!

Also looking forward to two days of letting the sun rise before I wake up. That'll be nice. Always is, after all. ;)

All right, better finish up the last few odds and ends around here before I jet on home. Good weekending, all. :)


mysterygirl! said...

I'm excited, too, that Steve Carell will be on SNL. Hopefully he'll up the ante-- I just think he's hilarious.

Congrats on your week's accomplishments! Enjoy the weekend. :)

Tom said...

Jet? No wonder you buy gas so often!

susan said...


susan said...

Blech. Even Steve Carell couldn't make SNL funny. It's really quite a pity.