Saturday, October 22, 2005

Mountain o' Magic

Or, the post in which I babble about roller coasters like a total geek

Back in the spring, my company had its annual picnic at Six Flags' Hurricane Harbor, which is the water park right next to Magic Mountain. Along with admission to the water park and picnic venue, we were given free passes to Magic Mountain, which we could use anytime from September til the end of the year. When a friend of mine said she and a group would be going to MM yesterday, and asked if Tom and I would like to meet them up there in the evening after work, we thought it was as good a time as any to use those free passes.

The parking lot still looked pretty full when we got there at 7:30, but once we got inside the park we realized that the lines to most of the rides were in fact quite short. It seemed the crowds were more interested in the haunted houses and other Halloween activities than the actual roller coasters. Fine by me! I'd much rather get my thrills from hurtling through the air than from walking down a dark hallway with people jumping out at me.

I will say the park peoples spared no expense with the decorations. Webbing on every surface, unnecessary fog machines here and there (unnecessary because by the end of the evening there was more than enough natural fog to blanket the whole park), and several hideous-looking giant spiders descending above the entrance gates (Mom, you would so not have liked them!). There was even a humongous spider attached to the side of Colossus, which is a big, white, wooden coaster that looks conveniently enough like a spider's web. Charming.

In 2.5 hours, we got on 4 rides and took time out for a quick dinner. We never waited more than 15 minutes in a line (well, except for Ninja, maybe, but that's because they were only running one train). It was a great way to end the week! The one coaster Tom & I both really wanted to ride, X, was closed - a shame, but we'll get to it someday. We rode Scream, Goliath (one of my favorites...has a 255 foot, 61 degree first drop! Holy hell!), and Ninja (my childhood favorite, which I hadn't ridden in probably almost 15 years), before ending the night with Superman.

Superman's a fun one. It's got the rapid-acceleration, zero-to-ninety in 2 seconds sort of start, and then you go straight up a tower and fall back down. The really great thing was that by the time we rode it, at a few minutes to 10:00, the fog had really rolled in, so the ride sent us shooting into a giant cloud! It was indescribably neat. I really wished I had brought my camera so I could get a picture of the ride from the ground, with the mistiness draped over it. So cool.

All right, enough of my raving. Better quit with the procrastination and get back to work. Hope everyone's weekend treats them well. :)


Caryn said...

Oooh, envious! I haven't been on a roller coaster in so long. :)

Neil said...

You could not pay me to go on that thing. I thought Space Mountain was horrifying.

Momentary Academic said...

Superman sounds really cool; is that the one where you are in flying position, or is that the Batman ride?

susan said...

Caryn - Yeah, well I haven't been to 26 countries in the past year. I think you win. :)

Neil - That sort of unmanliness is never going to win Sophia back. ;)

MA - Neither, actually. There is a new Superman ride that puts you in the flying position, but that's at a different park. Either way, the Superman ride at MM is still really cool.