Thursday, October 20, 2005

Song of the Week: #1

Okay, we'll start off with a fairly obvious one this week (well, the song title should be obvious from the picture, anyway). You give me the song title and the artist, and then I'll post the lyrics tomorrow. I have no idea how amusing/exciting/dumb this will be as a weekly feature, but it's simple enough to do, so I'll give it a shot for now. Have fun!


Marcy said...

Family Tree, Ben Kweller

Momentary Academic said...

Ah Susan, you are neater than the three Ben band (kweller, Folds, and Lee).

susan said...

Way to go, Marcy! I guess you got something out of living with me for two years, after all. ;)

And MA - Why thank you. :) I never did get around to picking up their album. I just may have to do that.