Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Conversation with the Flower Lady

But first, a haiku for Haiku-Tu (I resisted for a few weeks, but I shall join in the fun):

handsome man of mine
twenty-six years ago born
you are no oldster

Happy birthday, Tom. :)

After such a warm reception to the bridesmaid post, I figured I would share this as well. Yesterday evening I spoke with the woman who provided all the flowers when my best friend got married 3 years ago. My buddy gave such a glowing recommendation of this lady, and while I'm not really a flower person (what the cats wouldn't eat, I would probably kill), I do remember her wedding flowers being nice. Not just your run-of-the-mill roses and carnations and daisies, but also some more uncommon varieties. I don't really know names, but I know I thought they looked pretty and not boring. And I'm all about things that aren't boring.

Anyway, I called the Flower Lady to see if she was available for the day we're getting married, and indeed she is. She said she usually likes to meet with clients a bit in advance of the wedding to get a feel for what sorts of things they like; trouble is, she lives in Southern Oregon, and I won't be up there before the wedding. She told me that's all right and that we could do our consulting through the mail. As in, the "real" mail. I'm to look through magazines/books/etc., find pictures of the sorts of things I like, cut them out and mail them to her. It's kind of exciting and fun, in a "send me your swatches!" kind of way. ;)

So as I am something of a flower dummy, I started doing a bit of research online last night, and I learned a very interesting thing. Up until last night, I thought nosegays were a type of flower. Not so! They are in fact a style of bouquet.
Nosegay: A hand-held fragrant cluster of flowers designed as a small bouquet. Dating from 14th century, this clutch of flowers and foliage was originally used to mask unpleasant odors, thus the name "nosegay". Also called a tussy mussy.

Hehe. Tussy mussy. That's great. :)

Anyway, I have no idea what will be in bloom in mid- to late-May, but researching this should be fun. Any flower experts, enthusiasts or aficionados out there with any advice to offer?


Tom said...

I think Calla lilies are nice.

susan said...

Yeah, I like 'em too.

Tom's Dad said...

Peonies bloom on Memorial Day.

YaYa said...

Well now...isn't this fun! If I remember from my Spring trips to Oregon....and some of my favorite blooms:
White Rhodendron
White Rose
Dahlias, any pastel color

:) Yaya & Miss Maggie

sunny said...

I had stargazers. I'm so not a flower-person (I know that they're perdy, that's abou it) and they smelled wonderful and were pretty.

You know what makes the nosegay even better? The thought of all those "unpleasant odors" and all the bodies that were producing them back then. Sometimes I wish it was still common practice to carry around a bouquet and smell it whenever you felt the urge. It's more civilized than the holding-your-breath-and-backing-away approach I usually use.

neil5280 said...

Apparently God doesn't make a black flower, or humans haven't found it yet. I wanted to leave a snarky comment with a link to a proposterous suggestion.


neil5280 said...

Alternate ending

old sir

susan said...

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. :) Peonies remind me of ducks, for some reason. Maybe because they're all fluffy. Dahlias are neat looking, and you're right Sunny, stargazers are pretty.

As for you, 5280, what in the world are you babbling about? ;)

Amy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM!!! I'm such a horrible future sister-in-law ;)