Friday, November 04, 2005

Devil, thy name is Procrastination

Does anybody know how to cast out that inner demon that causes you to think it's okay to put something off until tomorrow? Fear doesn't do it. If I actually learned anything from the number of times I've been sweating those metaphorical bullets, trying to finish a paper before a deadline, you would think I wouldn't still find myself in that situation over and over again. Planning doesn't do it. I can make all the plans in the world and then promptly neglect to follow through on any of them. Rewards don't do it. I was all proud of myself last week when I turned in my weekly paper a whole day early, and yet here I was this week, scrambling to meet the 6pm Friday deadline.

The worst feeling is trying to write anything, anything at all just to meet the word requirement, knowing that everything you're writing is crap. You know you could do better, if you only had the time, but damn it, you don't.

I would resolve not to make the same mistake again next week, except that I know such resolutions are futile. Does anyone have a procrastination-avoidance technique (ooh, how's that for meta?) that actually works?


sunny said...

Man, I only wish I had a technique. Good luck!

mysterygirl! said...

Sorry this is so late-- I've been putting off responding. ;)

susan said...

Har har ;)