Sunday, November 20, 2005

Longest. Test. Ever.

I had my final exam today for Major Case Investigation. The prof had indicated it would be comprised mostly of essay questions with possibly some multiple choice, matching, fill-in-the-blank and/or true-false questions thrown in as well. Fine. I was surprised when I took the midterm on Tuesday (yeah, the schedule was just a wee bit strange for this class, with the midterm and final only 4 days apart) that it was a closed-book test. All of the other exams for this class and my previous two have been open-book, open-notes. But whatever, I was okay with that. Would've been nice to know beforehand, but at least I now had an idea he'd probably do the same thing for the final. So I spent most of the day studying the gigantic-ass textbook for the class. Then around 6:30 I felt I could study no more. I took about a 10-minute break and started the exam.

Holy god. The time allowed for this one was 3 hours, not 2 as the previous tests had been. And there were somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 multiple-choice and 20 essay questions, some of them with 3 or even 4 parts. And these were not trivial parts either. One of them required that I construct a crime scene and then describe how I would examine it. And then there were another 3 parts to the question! I knew pretty much from the get-go that it was going to take me damn near the full 3 hours to complete. And it did. I think I finally submitted the thing after 2 hours and 54 minutes. I don't think I've been so brain-weary after an exam since I took P-Chem in England.

The good news is I'm pretty sure I did all right. At least I don't have that sense of impending doom that I had after P-Chem. ;) I'll enjoy my day of rest tomorrow before I start another class Monday.


Tom said...

Keep the sabbath! Yay!
Be glad it wasn't like my last probability and statistics class- 8 hour time limit (though the instructor said we could go up to 12 without any penalty).

Momentary Academic said...

You took P-chem? I stopped at O-chem. Congrats. Test over!

susan said...

Tom - At least one of us got to keep the sabbath. :\ I remember when you had to take that 8 hour exam. Welcome to grad school, right? ;)

MA - You betcha I took (and only barely passed) P-chem. The class I really enjoyed was Inorganic. Didn't really have to remember a bunch of reactions like O-chem, and it was rather interesting material.