Wednesday, November 23, 2005

New Wednesday Feature

It's time to bid adieu to Song of the Week. It was fun (for me) for a while, but even I have tired of it. In its place, for now at least, will be (Vegetarian-Friendly) Recipe of the Week. This won't even always be "from scratch" food, but it's my little way of showing the carnivorous world that even vegetarians can eat well. :)

All right, this week's (VF)RotW is: Spicy Black Bean Gardenburgers (TM) with Goat Cheese

MorningStar (TM) Spicy Black Bean Patties - frozen
Goat Cheese
One ripe tomato (hard to find this time of year, but sometimes you luck out)
Hamburger buns
Red onion
Ketchup (or other preferred condiment)

Now, Gardenburgers can be microwaved for quick & easy eating, but they're even better pan-grilled. You can just plop the frozen patty in a frying pan over medium heat and cook it til the center's hot. Flip it over a few times, of course, and the last time you do, put some crumbled goat cheese on the top.

While you've got the goat cheese warming up and getting just slightly melty, toast the hamburger bun by whatever means you prefer. Put your favored condiment on the bun - as a side note, I was skeptical about Tom's recommendation of ketchup, but it ended up blending really well with the spiciness of the patty! - and a slice of tomato and/or red onion on the bottom bun (since you've already got all that goat cheese-y goodness on top of the burger). Totally simple, takes all of 7-10 minutes to prepare, and it's very, very tasty!


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Tom said...

I love hamburgers. And yet, these spicy black bean gardenburgers are better than all but the best hamburgers.