Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Um, thanks?

What exactly is the proper response when someone you don't know very well informs you that they're praying for you?

I was walking down the hallway at work this morning when the following exchange took place:
Coworker (in the sense that we work at the same company but don't typically interact on a daily basis): Hi Susan.
Me: Hey, how's it going?
Coworker: I'm praying for you.
Me (with raised eyebrow): Okay.......?

And that was it. He just kept walking. Then I saw him later in the cafeteria and he didn't say a word. It was really...odd. I'm not at all sure what to make of it.

Well, except blog fodder, of course. ;)


Tom said...

Mayve some other Susan there has a terminal illness?

susan said...

Hmm. I guess it's possible. There is one other Susan here.

sunny said...

Perhaps he's sensed your wicked, wicked persona. You kwow, cause you're so evil.

Or maybe not.

Maybe he's praying for you because he knows about Leo?

sunny said...

PS: Good choice of book (and author)!

neil5280 said...

Wild guess. Heard you were going through tough finals, said a little prayer for you.

I've come across this before, not at work. Here's a template response.

Thanks. Yeah, <worst part of your life you can think of at the moment> is/are getting better right now, but I really appreciate your prayers.


Thanks. Yeah, finals are going well, but I really appreciate your prayers.

Thanks. Yeah, Leo's urinary tract hasn't acted up lately, we're keeping our fingers crossed. I appreciate your prayers.

It's nice because they realize you have problems besides the one they perceive.


Amy said...

*snide, sarcastic response* You are? Oh my gosh, thank you, because I just haven't had time to pray for myself, like, ever, so I'm glad someone else is doing it for me! ;)

Momentary Academic said...

Wow, what did you do to that Coworker? Crazy@

susan said...

Sunny - Yes, that must be it ;) I wanted to tell him not to worry, that I'd only be living in sin for a few more months, but I didn't think of it in time. (Rats!)

5280 - I could see if it was someone I actually sort of knew, but it just seemed like a really weird thing to say, apropos of nothing, to someone you don't really know.

Amy - If only I'd been quick enough on my feet to come up with that on the spot. ;)

MA - Haven't done anything (as far as I can tell) to provoke that sort of comment. Who knows?!