Monday, November 07, 2005

Whole Lotta Reading

My prof assigned 400 pages of reading this week. Actually, our quizzes are on Thursdays, we'll have to get through 100 pages/day in order to have all the material read by then. Yikes. The reading covers 10 chapters that are about specific classes of crimes. The chapter on narcotics violations (50 pages long) is beaten in length only by the homicide chapter (110 pages long). By comparison, the sex offenses chapter spans only 38 pages, and the assault chapter only covers 18 pages. Something about that seems wrong to me. Yes, I know drugs are bad, but come on. More coverage than assault and sex offenses? Also, larceny, burglary and robbery are all covered separately, which I find a little surprising. I guess I'll be learning a lot about the nuances of "taking shit that doesn't belong to you."

Better get to it. Yippee skippy, happy Monday.

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