Friday, December 02, 2005

Agnostic Like Tom Cruise?

I had a rather bizarre exchange with a coworker (M) yesterday afternoon. Neither his English nor my Spanish are really up to a level that we can understand each other 100% of the time, so we frequently end up having some amusing misunderstandings. Our conversation yesterday was about the wedding; he wanted to know what kind of ceremony we are going to have.

M: Catholic? Jewish? Baptist?
Me: Oh, none of those. It'll be a civil ceremony.
M: What, like at city hall?
Me: No, it will be outside. It's essentially the same, just not in a church.
M: You don't go to church?
Me: Nope. We're basically agnostic.
M: Ohhhhh, you're in that one.
Me: No, it's not something you're "in." Actually, it's the utter lack of being "in" anything...
M: All the rich people are in the agnostic. Like Tom Cruise.
Me: Gah! No! That's Scientology! Completely different.
M: Oh.

That's me. Agnostic like Tom Cruise. Anybody up for an audit?


Amy said...

lol can I be in that one too?? ;)

RitMeyer said...

That is priceless. So you will be having a silent birth eventually?

sunny said...

That's awesome. I love that.

EHot Buzz said...

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