Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Sue's Original Miscellany

This is going to be something of a Captain Random post, moving swiftly from one topic to another. I'll begin with the Tuesday haiku:

Pox on thee, Blogger
Down for most of yesterday
I could not update

Not that it matters much, since I didn't really have anything exciting to say. Just the start of another week, another 8 hours closer to 10 glorious work-free days. Boy oh boy do I need that break. How I look back with longing upon those month-long school vacations. Those were the days...ah yes.

I don't remember exactly why, but Tom & I were talking about the movie Enemy Mine, which I've never seen. Tom was describing the make-up Lou Gossett Jr. had to wear in the film (he played an alien), so I turned to trusty Google Image Search to find a screenshot. I came upon a website that featured video covers for miscellaneous SciFi and Horror movies. Browsing that page led me to what must be a horrendously campy movie, but which I suspect has the potential to be extraordinarily entertaining (in a "it's so awful it's awesome!" sort of way). I give you...Evil Town!

How could any movie go wrong with cover art like that? ;)

Our wedding invitations arrived today, and let me just say that if you want the most bang for your buck, and don't care about having fancy shmancy invites, head on over to Budget Wedding Invitations. Super cheap (100 printed invitations plus inner & outer envelopes for $30!) and better quality than I expected for the price. I am really quite pleased with them.

Final bit of miscellany for the day - I'll leave you with a quote left on the discussion board for my Crime Scene Investigation class. We were talking about the pros & cons of a national DNA database.
"Everything today infringes on privacy. But I would rather loose my
privacy then live next to a cereal rapist whom they haven't caught yet
because of some DNA technicality."
Heeeey, what's that in the Grape Nuts bo....eeewwwwww...


Momentary Academic said...

I envy your days off. Enjoy them! The haiku was good too!

susan said...

Believe me, I will definitely enjoy those days off. I have a high appreciation for the times I'm not required to wake up before dawn and go to work. ;)

sunny said...