Monday, August 28, 2006

Open Letter to the Powers That Be of Magic Mountain

To whom it concerns:

This past spring, we purchased season passes to your establishment, specifically for the purpose of visiting a few times throughout the course of the year without breaking the bank, as it were. One of the things we expect of our visits is that the rollercoasters we wish to ride will be operational. We understand that sometimes attractions are down for repairs; we can deal with our disappointment when our desires cannot be met on one visit. However, when we are thwarted on subsequent visits, we tend to get a little testy. Was there really a good reason for X to be closed down for a whole week? And if so, would it have been so very hard for you to put up a little recorded announcement so that one could conceivably call in before the park opens and find out that he/she would do well to make other plans for the day and try again another time? Hell, we might have still come on down, but at least we would not have come with high hopes that would only be violently dashed upon our arrival. In the future, please consider better accomodating your guests, who only wish to come and give you money in return for 35 seconds of high-flying thrills.

Mr. & Mrs. Johnson

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