Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Haiku-Tu: Homage to My Athletic Husband

He's a Racquetman,
Racquetman, hit that little
blue ball at the wall.

Tom & I have been playing racquetball once or twice a week. As should be made obvious by my inability to stay on my own two feet while running, I could never be mistaken for an athlete. However, Tom has been kind and patient, and I believe I have almost caught up to him...when he's playing left-handed and I get an extra bounce. Still, improvement is improvement, so I'll take it. I did smack him pretty hard in the ear with the ball last night though. Oops. :(


Momentary Academic said...

hooray. I'm glad that someone is being athletic!

Tom said...

I am to. Modulo ear damage.

Tom said...

Too. Oops ;)