Friday, September 29, 2006

The Reticence of the Sue

Sorry things have been so quiet around here of late. I got (ahem) scolded at work last week for my excessive usage of the internet. Oops. ;) No more blogging during the day for me! Unfortunately, by the time I get home in the evening, I'm usually pretty wiped out and barely get around to reading what all the rest of you are writing, let alone posting anything of my own. Totally lame, but that's the way it goes.

I will say that I am loving not having to drive to San Diego anymore. L-O-V-ing it. I can get so much done after work during the week, and sleeping in my own bed every night is downright marvelous. Never mind the added benefit of getting to see my beloved every day. Sappy, it's true, but I really am fond of the guy. ;)

Next week the thesis work begins in earnest, and I'll be going to the gym every afternoon, so I may be reduced to weekly updates here, if that. I'm sure you'll survive without my daily witty commentary recountings of trivial shit. For the time being, I'm too fond of hearing myself talk seeing myself type to quit altogether, so maybe I'll be all mimi smartypants style and it'll be a pleasant surprise every time I update ye olde blogge. Or something. ;)

So one last bit of trivial crap, and I'll send you on your way. Tonight, Tom & I are going to a high school football game because, well, neither of us has been to one in a long-ass time, and we think it might be fun. Pasadena High School faces off against Arcadia tonight. I don't know what their mascots are or how good either team is, but it should be entertaining. Tomorrow I'm getting a haircut. I don't know how short I'll go with it, but almost anything could happen. I say almost because I'm not likely to get a crew cut or dye it blonde, but I am leaving my options open with regards to length, within reason. I know they're going to charge me an arm and a leg for the cut, too, so I am expecting quality! I will let you know how it turns out, since I know you will hardly be able to stand the suspense.

Signing off. Have a lovely weekend!


amy said...

tomorrow night is homecoming for wilsonville, which is directly across the street from us. we're thinking about going :) just thought it was funny you had just gone to a hs game

susan said...

Ha. At first I thought you were talking about the homecoming dance, not the game, and I wondered why in the hell you were thinking of going to that, and how you expected to get in. ;)