Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Six Weird Things About Me

I've not been tagged/memed/what-have-you in quite a while, so here goes.

Six weird things about me. Only six? I don't know, I'm pretty weird...

1) I eat hamburgers in a circular fashion. I have to eat all the way around the outside, then I can eat the center. Except In-n-Out burgers, which are too messy to take out of the wrapper. But it drives me a little nuts to have to eat them in the "regular" way.

2) I hate loud chewing, gum smacking and/or excessive popping, and open-mouthed crunching. It drives me beyond the point of annoyance to a total psycho freakout. I wish I could chill out about this stuff and not let it bother me, but I have thus far been unsuccessful in every attempt.

3) I think that cheese and chocolate are a wonderful pair. I like eating Doritos dipped in Nutella. I frequently have the urge to eat a chunk of cheddar after I have a chocolate bar.

4) I used to be able to name the title and season in which it aired of any X-Files episode based on only a two- or three-second clip. I'm out of practice now, but I can still get most episodes within about ten seconds.

5) When I was ten, I wanted to be a jockey. When I got too tall for that dream, I decided I wanted to be a lawyer instead. Totally natural transition, that. (Never mind how sad it is that 5'4" is too tall to be a jockey.) Then I discovered The X-Files, and a forensic scientist was born. ;)

6) I am generally not very superstitious, but I have the overwhelming need to place my hand on the side of a plane, right next to the door, as I step onto it from the jetway. And when I step off the plane again after landing. I thank the plane at the end (usually in my head), too.

Now let's find out what's weird about Tom, Amy, Raul, Dana, Neil & Sunny.


Neil said...

Only the hamburger-eating thing is truly weird.

Marcy said...

That's fantastic, I learned something new (didn't know about the hamburgers) and now I'm having a craving (mmmm doritos and nutella).

Momentary Academic said...

I like the circular hamburger eating thing. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm soooo the same way with gum-chewing/eating...almost to the point of violence, if it's been That Kind of Day. And I can do the X-Files thing with Friends, which is even worse, because there were 10 seasons! Yikers!

Oh well, wierdness is what makes us normal, right?


Megarita said...

The burger is hilarious, but the cheese and chocolate suggests a fondue problem in the making! Take heed!!

Raulph said...

I think "Chocolate and Cheese" is simply fun to say, and I have as a joke. I have never tried it, but it doesn't seem gross. The hamburger thing is pretty nifty. I may have to try it the next time I eat a sandwich or veggieburger. It may not work out for me though.

As for the travel habit, a plane "thank you" should suffice.

Megan said...

I put a kiss in the palm of my hand, and pat the plane on my way in. Did you see Dubin's test for OCD? Hold on... here. I bet she understands about the plane and the hamburger.

susan said...

Neil - Sorry I'm not weirder?

Marcy - Next time you come visit, we'll have ourselves a little Doritos & Nutella snack and make my husband sick. ;)

MA - Glad you think so!

Tiff - Hey, there were 9 seasons of TXF, so that's almost as many as Friends. Then again, I bet Friends had more episodes per season...

Megarita - Can you believe I've never had fondue? I think my subconscious must know it's gonna be trouble with a capital T.

Raul - You should try chasing a chunk of dark chocolate with a chunk of sharp cheddar. Then report back.

Megan - Yeah, I was pretty sure I'm not alone in my weirdness about the plane. I did read Dubin's test for OCD. My score was 9. Is that bad? ;)

Raulph said...

i will try that experiment. Of course, the first image in my mind when reading that is of me, holding one of each in either hand and actually chasing the chocolate with the cheese like a couple of race cars.