Monday, January 22, 2007

Who does number 3 work for?

Sometime last month, we went to the shooting range, and the range master pointed out this target they have that, if shot correctly, will win you a t-shirt. Of the ten or so targets available for purchase, it is identified as number three. It's got ten small bulls-eyes around the edge of the paper and one medium sized bulls-eye in the middle. Here's an approximate representation.

You have to score 100 points with 11 shots--ten points for hitting the exact center of the bulls-eye, nine points just outside of it, etc.--at 21 feet, in the presence of a range master in order to win the shirt.

Winning the shirt has become my new obsession at the shooting range.

I've shot number three targets on the last three shooting trips. I'm getting better at it; tonight, for example, I got eight of the outside bulls-eyes on the first try. But a perfect sheet still eludes me. I'm fairly certain I could pull it off with a .22 caliber pistol, but I am determined to do it with a 9mm. I'll let you know when I succeed.


Momentary Academic said...

You're such a rockstar. I've never even gone to a shooting range.

Lord Chimmy said...

I haven't been to the shooting range since I lived in Kentucky (not much else to do there).

I have to admit, there is a certain satisfaction that comes from shooting paper targets. If you ever get the chance...shoot some bowling pins.

susan said...

MA - Well if Megan & I ever manage to successfully lure you out to the left coast, I will definitely take you to the range, if you're interested. :)

Chimmy - Bowling pins would be fun. When my family lived in rural southern Oregon, my dad & I used to shoot veggies in the backyard (the ones my mom had cleaned out of the fridge...not veggies in the ground). That was pretty excellent.

Raulph said...

Susan with a gun,
Susan with a gun is just too cool for some reason, and guns freak me out too.

Megan said...

OMG! Let's go shooting together. I used to be terrified to touch a gun, but now I'm strangely obsessed with going to a shooting range before I die. Even though my dad was a cop, we never had a gun in the house. Now that I'm grown up, I want to get out my frustration at the shooting range.

MA can do it with us (but we'll practice first).

susan said...

Raul - Just remember, guns don't kill people...even slightly crazy brunettes with guns don't kill people...but they're super good at punching holes in paper. ;)

Megan - Absolutely anytime! (Well, probably not in the middle of a workday, but then again, that just might be the perfect time.)

Raulph said...

P.S. That image reminds me of something out of Lovecraft...