Tuesday, March 13, 2007

First Lobster

Well, now I can cross another thing off the list. On Saturday night, I ate my first lobster.

A week or two ago, one of our diving friends caught a bunch of lobsters (which, among scuba divers, are known as "bugs") and was waiting for an opportunity to share them. When I told him on Friday about quitting my job, he said we had to celebrate and have a surf & turf night, grilling at some other friends' house. So we did. Tom & I bought a tri-tip, which we marinated in soy sauce, honey, minced fresh ginger & garlic, and lime juice, with a little salt & pepper thrown in there for good measure. EB supplied the lobsters and some chicken, and Shay made garlic mashed potatoes and got veggies for grilling. It was a veritable smorgasbord (-orgasbord, orgasbord...).

One of the lobsters was freaking ginormous. I had never been so close to one of those things before, and honestly, it was a little disgusting and more than a little creepy. It had teeth. I didn't know lobsters had teeth. I wish I'd thought to take a picture of it, but then, I wouldn't want to be responsible for giving y'all nightmares and stuff.

Instead, here's a photo of the lobsters after they were grilled. See if you can find "Mr. Bigg."

Yep. There he is.

As it turned out, EB decided that I should be the one to eat the ginormasaur, since it was my job quitification we were celebrating. So on to my plate he went, along with some veggies, potatoes, and a slice of tri-tip.

Naturally, I needed some help to finish the big guy off. But oh my was he tasty. I can see why people are so fond of dining on these ugly little things.

I mean, uh, I couldn't eat it. Not at all.


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