Sunday, March 04, 2007

I heart...

We bought a gun today. Specifically, we bought a Sigarms P226R, 9mm. It will be in our hot little hands a couple of weeks from now, due to California's mandatory ten-day waiting period.*

We have had the opportunity to shoot guns of this make, model and caliber in the past, and they are awesome. The nice, light trigger makes it easy to take a slow, steady squeeze, rather than the shaky jerk you get when firing something like a Glock. This results in the bullets going almost exactly where you want them to, which is of course a good thing. Together, the P226 and I will conquer the number 3 target yet!

More on the beauty when it arrives.

*I am perfectly okay with said waiting period, though I kind of have to agree with my dad that if someone wants to obtain a handgun and for whatever reason would not pass the requisite background check to buy one legally, he or she will figure out some other way to get one. And do so in a lot less time than ten days.

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