Friday, March 09, 2007

Laguna Beach: Dorky Diver Edition

We're going on a night dive near Laguna Beach tonight! Total spontaneous scuba action! I am stoked! I can't stop exclaiming!

Okay, I even annoyed myself with that. ;) I remain, however, quite stoked. I think the constant countdown to my last day of work has me in a great mood all the time. Also, I managed to go to the gym every day this week, as planned, except for today (because I'm going diving instead!). So far, so good. I am actually finding myself enjoying that hour of aerobics in the evening. Yay!

Gotta eat some dinner before we head out. Tell you all about it tomorrow. :)

Update (2:30am): We return, triumphant but very tired. Saw tons of cool stuff, had a great time. More after some much-needed sleep.

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