Saturday, March 24, 2007

Lessons from the mall

1. JC Penney + sale = time spent in stores other than JC Penney is time wasted!

2. Buy shoes last, so the shoe box doesn't stab you through the bag the whole rest of the time you're shopping. This is especially important if you're inclined to carry the bag over your shoulder a la Santa Claus.

3. Lady, if your toddler is so exhausted that she's wailing "I'M TIRED! I'M TIRED!" pretty much incessantly, it is time to exit the fitting room and call it a day. Or go put the kid in the car so she can take a nap (with the windows cracked, of course...and leave her a bowl of water...what do you take me for, some kind of savage?).

4. Even Orange Julius and Sbarro fare will look like manna of the gods after six hours of shopping (probably less true for seasoned mall veterans).

5. Yes, Virginia, there really is an Easter Bunny.

6. Last, but definitely most important, beware the neck mannequins!


Amy said...

You really can find some amazing things at Penney's during sale times, but be careful because they have a tendency to hike up prices before they add the discount, so you're not saving as much as you think. But I usually go there and have $30-$50 of savings which makes me happy

mysterygirl! said...

I love your suggestion to leave toddlers in the car with a bowl of water. Classic.

Dad said...

The police arrested a lady for leaving her kid in the car up here. (I guess she didn't leave the bowl of water.)