Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sweet, sweet freedom

Boy oh boy, where do I even start? Last Friday, as you may recall, was my last day of work at the much-despised old job. Seeing the last of that place, forever more, didn't suck, let me tell you. There may have been some maniacal laughter, possibly emanating from my vehicle, as I drove out the gate for the last time. Maybe. I can neither confirm nor deny any such mania.

Saturday we finally got to take our new toy out to the range to see what she was capable of. As expected, she performed admirably.

Exhibit A: A Sig is a wish your heart makes...

Exhibit B: My first target with the new weapon (twenty rounds, at about twenty feet)

Exhibit C: My second target with the new weapon (ditto rounds and distance)

Saturday we also played some racquetball and went out to dinner with friends. Sunday I had to go get a pre-employment physical for my new job. Apparently there is some truth to the myth of my bionic hearing; the NP was impressed by my test results in the little audio booth thingy. I, however, was even more impressed by my blood pressure - 98/70. Who knew how relaxed quitting my job would make me?! I mean, really...

Yesterday began my glorious vacation week between jobs. I hung out with Yaya yesterday and Gram Gram today. We went out for some really excellent lunches both days, so it's a good thing that I am thus far managing to keep up with my goal of going to the gym - or performing equivalent aerobic exercise - five times per week. I'm almost halfway through week three, and I have to say, I've gotten kind of addicted to it. Tomorrow I'm going to try swimming for an hour instead of step aerobics-ing, which I haven't done for a while, so I'm looking forward to that.

All right, enough bragging and day-to-day mundanity. I'll come up with something more substantive to write about in a day or so. Til then, happy trails and all that. :)


Momentary Academic said...

Wow. If I'm ever in danger, I'm calling you.

susan said...

Well, you probably want to reserve judgement until I get better at shooting things that aren't, you know, completely stationary. ;) But thank you. :)