Saturday, June 23, 2007

It's Here

Summer officially arrived yesterday (in the Northern hemisphere), but since the beginning of this week it's been elbowing Spring out of the way like a shopaholic on Black Monday. All this week we've left the windows open and multiple fans running all night long. As a result, it has been cool enough to sleep, but the constant low-level hum makes it hard for me to sleep very soundly. Add in the fact that the sun's rising earlier, which means that Leo commences with his morning misbehavior well before I need to get up for work, so by this morning I felt like a Sim with a half-empty sleep meter.

I'll get accustomed to the fan noise eventually, though, and should be sleeping better within a couple of weeks. I hope.

I do like summer evenings, however. We had a nice dinner with friends out on the lawn in front of the Athenaeum on the Caltech campus this evening, and it was lovely. Pretty hard to beat good food, good company and pleasant breezes. :)

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