Saturday, June 02, 2007

Where did it go?

I just came by to visit ye olde blog and realized I let almost a week go by without posting. And I'm not sure where that week went. Time has definitely been boogie-ing on by, lately.

I'll have some stuff to say later, but for now, I must introduce you to LOLcats, which I have somehow not managed to stumble across until today. (Thanks JordanBaker, for posting the link, thus introducing me to this miracle of modern internets.)

Off to bed. Happy weekend!


Lord Chimmy said...

I've been subtly working lolcatz references into my blog for the better half of 2 years.

You should read

It is a hotbed of internet cliches.

Amy said...

lolcats is entertaining

susan said...

Chimmy - Yeah, reading lolcatz made me finally realize just what you & others have been referencing all this time. I'm finally in on the joke! Yays!