Friday, November 09, 2007

Folk Magic

"Do you know whether you're having a boy or a girl?!"
"When do you find out what the kid is?"
"Do you want to know what you're having, or do you want to be surprised?"
"Have you had the next ultrasound yet?!"

These are the questions I am most often asked these days. I don't mind that much, and certainly when I've been on the other side of things, I've asked the same. But the fact is that I have to keep saying the same things over and over again.

"No, I don't know yet."
"I'll find out soon, hopefully within the next couple of weeks."
"I'm usually pretty good about surprises, but this is one I don't want to wait on."
"I think they're going to do the next ultrasound at 20 weeks, just after Thanksgiving. I don't know for sure; it hasn't been scheduled yet."

Of course, when you don't have an answer to give people, they start making predictions. My friend M says that girls make you look extra radiant and beautiful, and boys make your face break out and your butt get big. To which I reply that, no, it's in fact PREGNANCY and its attendant hormone surge that're responsible for the face breakoutedness and the posterioral expansion. But whatever. Today, while taking our morning snack break, the ladies in my group decided to employ some "traditional" approaches to prenatal gender determination.

"Let me see your wedding ring!"

Ah, the pendulum test. I'd read about this. I handed T my ring, which she threaded on to a string. She asked me to hold out my hand, palm up, and then she suspended the ring above it. It swung around in circles, which supposedly indicates a girl is on the way. Two repeat tests gave the same result.

"No, no, no, you use the hand if they're not pregnant yet. Once they're pregnant, you hold it over the belly."

This time the ring swung back and forth, in standard pendulum fashion. This means boy. Repeat...same result. We decided that either I'm having a boy now and a girl next time, or I'm having twins, or I'm having a hermaphrodite.

"Have you tried the Chinese chart? It was dead-on for all 3 of my kids."

Okay, so you take the mother's age at conception and the month of conception, and find the corresponding square on the chart. I'm 26 and the conception month was July so...

...huh. So there apparently isn't just one definitive Chinese Chart. And according to the two versions I found, I'm having....twins? Hermaphrodite?

So much for folk magic. Gonna have to rely on science.


Amy said...

lol you should maake everyone wait a few more months

susan said...

Everyone including you? ;)

Amy said...

well of course not ;)

Lord Chimmy said...

Cool! You're having a boy-girl.

Be sure to give an androgynous name.

susan said...

Perhaps a better title for this post would have been "What's that? It's Pat!"

Momentary Academic said...

Don't joke about twins, girl. It could happen! :)

susan said...

I'm really hoping not. ;) But there isn't really any history of twinning in either my family or Tom's, so I think we're probably safe.