Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Week 19

Happy Tuesday! Here you go.

This week the bambino is "between 5 and 6 inches long and weighs about seven ounces - about the size of an apple."

Noes! Ringo Starr be eatin mah analogee!

We went to the doctor this morning for our monthly "listen to the heart beat" session. Heart's still beating away in there, somewhere about 150-ish beats per minute, nice and strong, so that's good. There's an old wives' tale that a fetal heart rate above 140 bpm is indicative of a girl, but recent research says there's actually no statistical difference between male and female heart rates in utero. So, there might be a girl in there...or a boy. The doc asked if we'd had the ultrasound yet (what, you too?!), and when I informed her that we had not, she took a look in the computer system to see what the deal was. Apparently the ultrasound has been "ordered, but not scheduled" or something like that, so she added a note requesting that it be scheduled within the next 7 days. So there you go; by next Tuesday I ought to have an answer for you, and a new picture. At long last!

I'm looking forward to the long weekend. Yay for noshing and napping! Yay for sleeping in (or not...but not having to get up and go to work at least)! I failed to meet my self-imposed thesis deadline, so I'm sure a good chunk of those 4 days off will be spent writing, but that is okay. I'll still have the damned thing sent to the printer's well before I have to deal with giving birth (hopefully by the end of the year), and that's all I really care about. Anyhows, have a lovely Thanksgiving! :)


YaYa & Mr. Buddy said...

Well this Great YaYa is flipping out with excitememt !!!!!!!!
I must say, the Johnson Bambino is "the apple of my eye!"

Myles said...

We are on the edge of our respective keyboards.