Sunday, December 23, 2007

Goose Feast: Part One

A few weeks back, it was decided that we would roast a goose over at Max's on Christmas Eve this year. I may be the only one of the group who's never eaten goose, but none of us has cooked one, and it is a rather canonical Christmas meal, so we thought it would be a fun thing to do.

Step one - obtain goose

After work on Thursday, I went goose scouting at the super swanky grocery store here in town, figuring they'd probably be the only place to carry geese. At first it looked like they didn't have any in stock, as I perused the regular poultry section, so I asked the butcher if they would be getting any in; he said they had some over in the freezer section. (Silly me. Didn't even think to look there. Duh.) So he took me over there and pulled one off the bottom shelf for me, at which point I informed him that I had to measure it and make sure it would fit in Max's oven. So there's the butcher, holding this iceburg of a frozen goose, while I fetched my little Ikea paper measuring tape (the ones they give you for free at the door so you can make sure your furniture will fit or whatever) and took down the necessary dimensions. Then I had to go call Max and relay the measurements to see if they would suffice. (I let the butcher put the goose back in the freezer...he wasn't holding it all this time while I trotted off to an area of the store where I could get cell phone reception. Just so you don't think I'm that oblivious and mean.)

Turns out the goose was indeed an appropriate size - 15" long x 8.5" wide x 5.5" tall, and 13+ pounds! - so I purchased it and took it over to Max's. Not an inexpensive bird by any means, but I suppose I didn't expect it to be. Max has been thawing it since yesterday morning, so it'll be all ready for us to roast up tomorrow night, along with some potatoes and asparagus. We're planning to make a bread pudding for dessert. Ought to be a fun time! I will have to work hard to restrain myself from quoting A Christmas Carol all evening. ("Such a goose, Martha! And the pudding...oh, the pudding!") I'm sure I shall be too stuffed to blog about it tomorrow, but I will endeavor to get a post up, complete with photos, not long after. :)


ml said...

i'm very sad i missed the goose roasting. i just read an article in the LA times about how exciting it is last week (about how the goose looses 2-3lbs of fat while cooking etc.)

i can't wait to eat cassoluet tho!


Tom said...

Do you like dark-meat turkey? 'Cause goose is your bird, then.

ml said...

yup. i do!