Monday, December 17, 2007

Oh, to be a real blogger again

This place sure does seem to have turned into the Weekly Baby Growth Update blog with sporadic little snippets thrown in here and there of non-babycentric stuff. Less of the wit and charm and randomness I'd like to think I'm capable of posting. Work's been keeping me busy, and the thesis is still a burden. I spent much of the weekend slogging away at the latter, trying to get one more damnable chapter finished and making barely enough headway to be passable. Blah. Here's a short list of some of the things I've considered writing about lately though, so maybe we could have a readers' choice sort of thing where you pick one and I actually generate some new and interesting content? Or not. Whatever. Here's the list, anyway:
  • Workplace lingo: Yeah, I know it's been done by many others before me, but lately I've been amused by the things people *cough*managers*cough* bother saying when they could just as easily use simpler terms.

    Argument for posting: I think it's funny.
    Argument against: The buzzwords vary from place to place, but it's really the same old story anyone who has ever had a job will have told at one point or another.
  • Brunch Report: We went out to a fancy-shmancy prime rib brunch at Caltech's Athenaeum on Sunday for Demetri's birthday. We got to get semi-dressed up and stuff our faces with tasty foods.

    Argument for: Creepy Santa, the tuberculosis tree, candle-flavored bacon.
    Argument against: We didn't make any of the food, just ate it, and I've basically given away all the highlights in this little synopsis.
  • Movie Reviews: We're back to burning through our Netflix queue at a pretty good clip, so we've seen a few amusing movies I could write about.

    Argument for: Idiocracy & Live Free or Die Hard were entertaining, while In Good Company was disappointing, so I've probably got plenty to say.
    Argument against: Eh, none of these are really all that new, so I'm not sure how interested anybody will actually be in what I've got to say.
  • Inventory: I've been thinking of writing something similar to this recent post of Water Megan's AquaMegan's from last week.

    Argument for: Just in thinking rather preliminarily about it, I think my list is going to turn out quite a bit different from hers, and this is interesting to me.
    Argument against: I'm not sure if it will be at all interesting to anybody else. ;)

So there's a little of what's been rattling around in my brain lately besides "gah, heartburn again" and "seriously, cat, if you don't get off the counter right now, I will huck this book at your head" and "the correlation matrices clearly show that the particle size distribution of the sample set is blah blah blah..." That I have room for anything else at all these days is as much of a shock to me as anyone. ;) But there you have it. Anything strike your fancy that you'd like to hear more about?


Tom said...

I think we should call her AquaMegan

susan said...

That's great. AquaMegan it is.

Megan said...

I can talk to fish, you know.

Tom said...

That's got to come in handy:

"You really shouldn't use this canal, I've been hearing bad things about the runoff."

Amy said...

I saw In Good Company in the theatres...I could have told you not to get your hopes up.

madre said...

I want to hear about the Brunch - sounds hideously intriguing!!!!

susan said...

Amy - I wasn't expecting brilliance or anything, and it certainly wasn't a bad movie. Just didn't turn out the way I thought it would, and wasn't nearly as amusing as the trailers suggested. Oh well.

Madre - One brunch post, coming up this week sometime. ;)